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NJT Apologizes for the Mess

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April 25, 2017

Dear Valued Customer,

First, I want to thank you for your continued patience and understanding during the recent and ongoing delays to your train service, especially traveling in and out of Penn Station New York.

These delays have caused considerable frustration, inconvenience and stress for many of you as you travel to work, appointments, events and then back home. Traveling on NJ TRANSIT should be the easy part of your day, not the most challenging.

We share your frustration and are committed to earning back your trust. I personally met with Amtrak’s CEO recently to discuss the importance of NJ TRANSIT having a voice at the table around prioritization of track and other maintenance, tunnel evacuation protocols, customer flow at Penn Station New York among other topics. These issues are important to NJ TRANSIT, have a direct impact on you our customers, and must be addressed.

If you have experienced delays that have compromised your work situation, please stop by one of our Customer Service offices and pick up a delay letter for your employer. You also can obtain a letter by visiting our website and clicking here to access our Contact Us form on the website.

I will work every day to ensure that we do everything we can to improve your trip, and sincerely apologize for the inconveniences you, your families and fellow commuters may have experienced in recent days.

Thank you for remaining a loyal NJ TRANSIT customer.

Steven H. Santoro
Executive Director, NJ TRANSIT

2 thoughts on “NJT Apologizes for the Mess

  1. I am feeling like a schoolboy again. NJT is offering a letter for my employer. That’s not the problem dimwit. You are scalping us for the shittiest train service in the world. The least you can is reimburse part of our monthly pass for the hours we have had to spend away from our work and our families.

  2. drive like i do.

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