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No Overnight Street Parking in the Village of Ridgewood

photo by Boyd Loving

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Please keep all cars off of the roads so that our plowing crews can do their work.  Overnight parking on the street will not be allowed tonight, Wednesday, December 16th and tomorrow night, Thursday, December 17th.  Those who usually park on the 4th floor of the Hudson Street Garage and those parking overnight in the Central Business District should park on the 2nd Floor of the Hudson Street Garage so that streets and parking lots can be cleared of snow.

9 thoughts on “No Overnight Street Parking in the Village of Ridgewood

  1. where’s the snow?

  2. Open up your eyes

  3. That’s a beautiful picture

  4. Since when is overnight parking allowed in Ridgewood?

  5. Talk about an overkill. Not a bad storm at all. I was out all night plowing piece of cake.

  6. Bunch of drama queens …ooooh, there’s going to be some snow! My oh My, what shall we do? You are all snowflakes and could never have survived frontier times. Six inches of snow puts everyone in a mad rush and now look at it…shame on you softies.

  7. I know I totally agree. What would they do if they got 3 feet, what a joke.

  8. Come on Porthnoy (and your brother?!) — you have a layup of a username to use, and you just threw it away.

  9. Haha, They better go buy more toilet paper

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