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Non COVID-19 Patient Meets Empty Hospital

by Jim Arakelian

Hackensack NJ, reader recounts recent non COVID-19 hospital visit :

“Ok. So a few observations on my visit to the hospital yesterday. First of all, my care was excellent. The folks in the ER really took good care of me. Lots of pain, lots of pain medication. On entry I was triaged outside the ER with people sitting there with their computers. Once the knew I wasn’t there for Covid I was brought into what was the pediatric area of the hospital that is now the non Covid area for adults. As it was full (six beds only) I was stuck for a while in the hallway, loud but ok. Like I said great treatment.”

“At one point, the RN came over and swabbed me for Covid (it wasn’t that bad). Sounds like they do that with everyone.
So here’s the really interesting part. The regular ER was empty and I do mean empty. Incredible as it sounds, even when I went thru again at 2am for my CT, there was no one. Lights out. Nobody meaning myself and the other six patients were the only ones there. Crazy. When I left at 4:30am the hospital was a ghost town. There was one patient in my area and I couldn’t see anyone in the area of the regular ER.
I asked the PA that was treating me and he said it’s been slow like that for a week now. Great news for sure. I can’t figure why there’s been no reporting in this. I personally was very encouraged.
By the was, my Covid test came back negative.”

5 thoughts on “Non COVID-19 Patient Meets Empty Hospital

  1. My friend works in the ER at St. Joseph’s hospital in Wayne and she said the same thing. Very few Covid cases, and everyone else is staying away. No mention of that on the news…

  2. Awesome. Glad you were ok. And hopeful that this means we moving along to the new normal….

  3. Next up…. Hospital Bailout.

  4. Glad your test came back negative, govern Murphy has been saying the numbers are getting better!! I’m glad to hear it from someone that was there. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻Hopefully we can start opening up again.

  5. People should stay away from ER on a regular basis, instead of using it as their primary care physician.

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