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North Jersey homeowners joining trend of raising chickens in the back yard


North Jersey homeowners joining trend of raising chickens in the back yard

April 6, 2014, 10:56 PM    Last updated: Monday, April 7, 2014, 6:47 AM
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Victor Alfieri doesn’t mind ruffling a few feathers when it comes to chickens. For years he passionately battled with officials in Wayne to win the right to keep egg-laying hens in his back yard.

Alfieri, a 43-year-old Dumont native, said that he and his wife, Michele, 39, were early advocates of the sustainability and urban homesteading movement in North Jersey. They decided to start growing their own food in 2006 at their Wayne home, and later began to keep hens to produce eggs.

“We were kind of in on the beginning of it in this particular area,” Alfieri said. “We kind of opened a lot of eyes.”

Health-conscious American consumers are increasingly crying foul about the antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides, herbicides, genetic engineering and the age of the fare they are eating. For people like Alfieri, who is known as The Chicken Man, the solution is to seize control and produce your own fruits and vegetables, and raise your own hens for all-natural, organic eggs.

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7 thoughts on “North Jersey homeowners joining trend of raising chickens in the back yard

  1. fast forward ten years: “holy shit, where’s all these fucking coyotes come from???”

  2. This type of ‘fowl’ isn’t permitted within the Village is it?

  3. Buy a farm if you want to raise chickens.

  4. I wish I could buy a “farm” in Ridgewood. I’d throw a couple goats and chickens on there, sell a few dozen eggs and vegetables every year, pay $500 a year in property tax.

  5. You can keep poultry and other farm animals in Ridgewood – you just need to abide by the laws…

    Village Code, Part II: General Legislation, Chapter 105 Animals, Article III Keeping of Certain Animals, Section 105-18, Poultry and Fowl

    Chapter 105, Article III:

  6. I don’t need to raise chickens. There enough chicken shit in Ridgewood to go around.

  7. We already have plenty of fowl play. Who needs more?

    Sometimes the photos accompanying the stories are the best part of this blog. They make me laugh, anyway.

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