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Nude photos circulating through Ridgewood High School under investigation


Sexting at Ridgewood High School under investigation
Wednesday March 13, 2013, 7:59 PM
The Record

RIDGEWOOD — Police are investigating the alleged transmission of nude photos between a number of Ridgewood high school students, a school official said this week.

Hours after sending a letter home to parents about what he characterized as “improper behavior,” Ridgewood Superintendent Daniel Fishbein told the Record Wednesday that officials learned Friday that naked photos of male and female students were making the internet rounds.

“It is under an active police investigation right now, so I can’t really discuss it,” Fishbeing said. “This did not happen in school; it was just brought to the attention of school personnel and that’s when we called the police in.”

Fishbein’s letter — which was sent to parents of both middle and high school students — claims students used social media apps to share “naked or semi-naked” images.

“Some of our Ridgewood High School students may be engaging in this improper behavior,” reads the letter. “This matter is a serious issue that demands a prompt and appropriate response.”

12 thoughts on “Nude photos circulating through Ridgewood High School under investigation

  1. This incident apparently took place months ago or at least, that’s how long ago I heard it from my kids. Was it poor judgement on the part of the students involved? You bet!
    Did it need to sensationalized in the media? Not so much. I think doing so is probably more detrimental to the students involved then the distribution of the photos is. I believe this is the kind of situation that could have been better addressed internally by Ridgewood High School.

    Contrary to popular belief, not all publicity is good publicity, especially where children are involved.

  2. no mention of the cyber bully issue either by Fishbien or the Ridgewood News

  3. Do the Ridgewood police have nothing better to do than to harass news media organizations trying to cover the event by bullying them about parking near the high school? Get a real job boys!

    1. i watched the cops give out several tickets on cottage to news vans parked in front of the boe building i guess the cops saw this as a money making opportunity

  4. I do not see any reason that the high school should have handled this in any way as it did not take place in school.

  5. #4…that’s idiotic…they became involved because it was brought to them by students…what were they supposed to do? say it wasn’t their place to get involved? they contacted police as they should have. you don’t sweep things like this under the rug, you shine a light on it and let kids know how dangerous it could be for them. the police are also right in allowing these children a grace period to get rid of the photos since they probably didn’t realize the potential legal consequences of possesing these photos. i’m glad this is public otherwise i wouldn’t have known it to be a problem.

  6. I don’t think it’s a matter of pushing it under the rug. Of course it’s a serious issue. However, it’s also a sensitive matter. I’m sure these kids were already mortified before it became newsworthy.

    My concern is for the kind of impact making this public might have on the few kids involved. Unfortunately, when I heard this on the radio this morning, Tyler Clemente came to mind. I’m sure making an example of this would clearly not be worth it were to result in another tragedy.

  7. #5, if it affects student behavior and interferes with the educational process in the schools then they have to address it by law.

    1. How does this off campus event “interfere with the educational process” ?

  8. I think that only applies to bias crimes and cds of any nature, ie 2 kids can have a fight and the school isn’t obligated to call the cops, but if the fight is motivated by anything covered in the bias crime statue there is an obligation. That would be an example .

  9. I read where an amnesty period was granted by the pricipal or super, to get rid of photographs. If a crime was commited the only person who can grant amnesty is the prosecutor it will be interesting to see how this shakes out. That sounds like interfering with an investigation?

  10. Ya know what…if they wanna do stupid things like send naked pictures to each other…then let them be mortified. I hope the media takes this as far as it can!! I also hope the parents are mortified as well……Nice kids your raising!!

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