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O’ Tool Aronsohn Plot thickens

O’ Tool Aronsohn Plot thickens

I’m sure we can now expect Mayor Aronsohn to make a statement that the Village Council has come to an agreement with Valley too.

His buddy O’Toole has been collecting campaign contributions from none other than Audrey Meyers husband and Pucciarelli’s law firm. The plot thickens.

7 thoughts on “O’ Tool Aronsohn Plot thickens

  1. Make no mistake about it. Valley is going forward. It’s all over but the screaming.

  2. How about expanding on the so called plot.

  3. Anyone who thinks that Valley will not be back with another plan has to be new to Ridgewood. They will never be happy with what they have. And anyone who thinks that they won’t get encouragement from the new council also has their head in the sand.

  4. They were successful in getting their three council candidates elected it’s only a matter of time. This will come in form of a proposal from the Mayor’s ( Tiger Team) That’s the secret committee that is looking over the Village’s fiances . Valley will agree to a pilot program in exchange for The Valley Hospital Renewal program. This amounts to a bribe. Our Mayor and the other two newly elected Council will try to sell it has getting tax revenue for the Village. Thus selling out the residents that are against the renewal and worried about their quality of life . Most I might add voted for THE DREAM TEAM Valley Hospital will never come out on the short end of the stick. Can Ridgewood be bought?

  5. CRRis a mere shell of an origination they once were. The resent election proved it with some of its own members vetoing for for THE DREAM TEAM.

  6. Why is everyone referring to Aronsohn, Pucc and Gwenn as the dream team? They are far from it and have done nothing since elected. I’m disappointed in all of them.

  7. How do you find out who gave money and how much? Does it show all the elections or just NJ?

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