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>Obama Presidency Challenged By New Jersey Voter re:"natural born citizen" – Before US Supreme Court

>Please post the following information ASAP (taken from the above link) for your readers to consider.

A Pro Se New Jersey litigant has brought suit against sue the Secretary of State of New Jersey Nina Mitchell Wells to essentially force her to “do her job” under the law (i.e., deny illegitimate candidates access to the ballot). Attorney Leo Donofrio is now pressing his case before the U.S. Supreme Court, on direct appeal from the Supreme Court of New Jersey.

Attorney Donofrio is challenging the “natural born citizen” qualifications of McCain (claimed ineligible because born in Panama), Obama (presumed born in U.S. but claimed ineligible because one parent was an alien, thus begetting divided loyalty), and Socialist Workers Party candidate Roger Calero (claimed ineligible because born in Nicaragua, and was in fact bounced from the ballots of four other states for this reason).

This case is far stronger than any other cases still pending or that have been dismissed to date because it does not appear that the pro se litigant can be denied his day in court on the basis of a purported absence of Article III standing to bring the lawsuit. But get this–for purposes of demonstrating his standing to sue in this case, Attorney Donofrio is invoking the authority of Ridgewood Educational Association v. Ridgewood Board of Education, 284 N.J. Super. 427 (App. Div. (1995)), in which the court stated “We see no reason why this State’s historic liberal approaches to the issue of standing in general … should not apply to taxpayer suits challenging the quasi-legislative actions of local boards of education.” Silverman v. Board of Ed., Tp. of Millburn, 134 N.J. Super 253, 257-58 (Law Div.), aff’d o.b. 131 N.J. Super. 435 (App. Div. 1975).

I can’t emphasize how important this point is in presenting a challenge to president-elect Obama, who may have no choice but to present his credentials directly to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Significantly, Attorney Donofrio has not submitted a full Petition for Writ of Certiorari, but rather initially applied for an Emergency Stay on the last Monday before the election. Though the initial application was denied with prejudice by Justice Souter late last week (tardily–after the election), Attorney Donofrio is now apparently entitled to resubmit the Application For An Emergency Stay of the national election results and Electoral College meeting to the Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, which entitles him to all due haste from the Supreme Court Justice to whom the application is made.

Please do what you can to get this case the notorieity it needs to attract the necessary attention and action from the U.S. Supreme Court. An Emergency Stay is needed before the December 15th vote of the Electoral College.

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