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One Party Rule

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One Party Rule
November 27,2012
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, According to Mike Huckabee , Republicans in the House are under a lot of pressure to go along with the Democrats after their election wins. But can you imagine what one-party rule would mean to the economy?

Luckily, we don’t have to imagine it. We have California, where a Republican legislator is about as rare these days as a silent movie. Conn Carroll at the Washington Examiner just crunched the latest West Coast numbers. Under virtual one-party rule, California has run up about $370 billion in total state and local debt, or more than $10,000 per resident. That’s despite having both the nation’s highest sales tax and an income tax with the highest top rate. If high taxes, unbridled spending and unlimited debt stimulated economies, California’s should be booming. So what did all that spending buy?

Well, according to a new Census Bureau report, nearly a quarter of Californians are living in poverty. California is home to one-eighth of the US population, but one-third of all welfare recipients. Chief Executive magazine just ranked California as the worst state of all to do business in. Texas was ranked as the best. Texas has a jobless rate of 6.8 percent, California’s is 10.2. But wait, didn’t all that redistribution of wealth at least create economic equality? Well, no: the Census Bureau reports that income inequality is actually worse in California than in Texas. So maybe the voters who opted to continue gridlock in Washington knew what they were doing. ( Huckabee Report, visit

Sandy Fitzgerald follows up in his November 23rd , Newsmax piece “One-Party Control Spreads to 37 States”

According to Fitzgerald, the Nov. 6 election left more than two-thirds of states under single-party control beginning in January 2013 , with one party holding the governor’s office and majorities in both legislative chambers.

The single-party control in at least 37 states means bold partisan agendas will likely grow over the next couple of years, and indicates voters are no longer interested in compromise even though President Barack Obama and Republicans have signaled a greater willingness to reach across the aisle, reports The New York Times.

Republicans will now control 24 states. These include Alaska and Wisconsin, where Republicans won the state Senate, and North Carolina, which went Republican.

13 states will be under Democratic control . Legislatures in Colorado, Minnesota, and Oregon, switched to Democratic majorities. In California, Democrats solidified their hold by winning a super majority.

This leaves a government split between the parties in only 12 states, the lowest number since 1952, Tim Storey of the National Conference of State Legislatures, told the Times. Read Latest Breaking News from

Rather ominous …..

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