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“One Village One Vote” ,False Claim #4 : “Consolidating our elections will reduce Ridgewood election costs”

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Ridgewood NJ, these “save money” arguments are ridiculous , the Ridgewood School Budget is over $115 Million dollars ,please give us a break !

False Claim #4: “The Board of Ed election this past April cost our community $65K (up from the initial estimate of $42K when the April budget vote was reinstated).

TRUTH: Purposely misleading. The higher cost of the Board of Education election last April was a one-time expense due to an error on the part of the Board of Education business administrator.

False Claim #4 (continued): “Consolidating our elections will reduce Ridgewood election costs, make better use of taxpayer dollars.”

TRUTH: The results of the 2020 school budget vote saved taxpayers $630,000 this year and every year going forward compounded by each year’s tax increase. This money was not needed and was actually headed to maintenance reserves. In planning the $100 million annual school budget, there is waste. Annual budget votes can lead to identifying that waste, keeping a higher percentage of the tax levy focused on education related expenses. And really, it’s kind of hard to sell a $50,000 cost for an election as favorable to $630,000 in savings to taxpayers. Remember, once that money is taxed, it’s taxed again every year compounded by the tax increase. 

False Claim #4 (continued): “Off-cycle election costs could be cut from the budget or spent on other programs if all of our elections were consolidated to November.”  

TRUTH: Election expenses are a separate budget item and cannot be re-allocated to other programs. Each local election costs each registered voter an average of about $2.50. The potential savings of the school budget vote alone completely eclipse this cost many, many times over.

9 thoughts on ““One Village One Vote” ,False Claim #4 : “Consolidating our elections will reduce Ridgewood election costs”

  1. Too bad keep our vote offers no transparency on their officers or data… so much false & misleading information! Vote YES!

  2. Stupid OVOV supporter, what transparency are you referring to?
    The data mentioned above is know to every resident in town and was discussed at atleast 3 council meeting?

  3. Voter Suppression
    Vote No

  4. Regardless of the outcome, two things will remain constant in Ridgewood politics. First, this town will continue to vote for less competent politicians. Year after year, the popular vote has installed representatives who have misled and ultimately fell under the spell of certain outside interests. The disappointing result is higher village management costs commensurate with reduced quality of services. Second item is the consistent complaining by those who are offended by their poor choices.

    Ridgewood, you have no one to blame but yourselves. You are political couch potatoes who are doomed to pay more for less. The one resource that is in abundance in this town are the plentiful whinny voices who seemingly will step over a $1 to pick up a nickel. Drop and give me 20, you over bloated arrogant do nothing professional complainers.

  5. Scammers

  6. The people running that idiotic One Village One Vote campaign are complete jerks. They block any comments that oppose their stupid plan. They have a website with so many lies. They are desperate, but I want to know WHY?

    What possible reason would they have for wanting all of us to lose our right to vote on the budget? WHY?

    I am voting NO

  7. Voter Suppression. Vote No

  8. Already voted no. Can’t understand the OVOV camp and whatever their agenda is.

  9. Very successful morning. We met with a number of homeowners. Most didn’t realize they lose their right to vote if the school budget vote moves to November. Back at it this afternoon!

    Just Vote No!!

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