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Over 1,000 New Jersey Businesses Reportedly have Signed on to Reopen on June 1st

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Trenton NJ,  they just can not wait anymore. Rejecting the continued Governor Phil Murphy lock down as many as 1,000 businesses reportedly have signed on to reopen on June 1st.  The businesses include gyms, nail salons, barbershops and more.  “With over 100 gym locations together not including the rest of the businesses like nail and hair salons and barbershops, we will all open our doors together at 9am on June 1 like we have said from day 1! This is a decision that was made by this entire group not just one person or two people. Collectively this what we have decided together,” said organizer Tommy Trilivas.

Phil Murphy has continued to ignore small business  while he destroys peoples livelihoods and his tax base .

According to the Facebook page of the New Jersey Business Coalition ,” In NJ all small businesses including health clubs, fitness centers, gyms, and training facilities have all been closed by state mandate on March 16th or days after this! On June 1st 2020 that will bench mark a 75 day complete shut down and as business owners and members we won’t stand for our civil liberties and rights to be infringed on to be able to make a living and have a healthy immune system to defend against the virus itself ! We are making it clear we have been patient and we will no longer wait to open one more day beyond June 1st!
Together We Stand United and will all Open on that day in NJ!”

Economists project that more than 100,000 small businesses have shut permanently since the pandemic escalated in March, according to a study by researchers at the University of Illinois, Harvard Business School, Harvard University and the University of Chicago. Their latest data suggests at least 2 percent of small businesses are gone, according to a survey conducted May 9 to 11.

The carnage has been even higher in the restaurant industry, where 3 percent of restaurant operators have gone out of business, according to the National Restaurant Association.

25 thoughts on “Over 1,000 New Jersey Businesses Reportedly have Signed on to Reopen on June 1st

  1. I hope these businesses are also ignoring guidelines for masks and social distancing. Is there a list somewhere so we can support them?

  2. I WILL NOT BE GOING INTO ANY OF THESE BUSINESSES! You are putting peoples lives at risk by doing this! What about my right TO NOT GET SICK? Or does that not matter to you? I will most certainly be reporting ANY business open that should not be!

    1. ok turn off CNN

  3. What about my right TO NOT GET SICK?

    That’s easy, stay home and you will be fine. Just because your stupid doesn’t mean everyone else has to be stupid with you.

    1. then stay home

  4. This thing is so stupid…. we will see it !!

  5. Let’s all stay home so no one dies this is ridiculous now with people who are afraid stay home and those who are at risk stay home and watch the rest of people live and have their civil liberties back

  6. I hope even more open up. All the science and data conforms this does not put anyone at risk. Open up NJ. And if you would even consider reporting these shops than you are the problem.

  7. Your right to not get sick? I’m curious, do you have a job? Do you have an income? That said, stay home then. The rest of us want “normal” back. Not this “new normal “ nonsense.

  8. “What about my right to not get sick.”

    As much as you have a right to stay home/quarantine, we have a right to open up and get our livelihoods back. We all have the right to choose what’s best for us and our families. I would suggest reading the most recent data from the CDC to understand just how low the likelihood of dying from this illness is.

  9. I think it is about time that these businesses take charge of their lives… I applaud them! Everyone needs to act responsibly – if you do not want to go out – than it is your
    choice to stay home.. The knuckleheads idea to shut down the state for almost 3 mths was not a good one!!
    These businesses have every right to open – I support them 💯… Be wise, act responsibly, take control of your own life! If you have to be told and constantly reminded to wash your hands than ask yourself – Who’s the knucklehead!!! 🤔

  10. This is common sense people . If you are afraid to go anywhere because you will get sick , DON’T GO .
    As for the rest of us , don’t lick any shopping cart handles and try not to invade anyone’s personal space .
    If Walmart can be open , WHY can’t our local dress shop ? Or Michaels ? Or HOMEGOODS ?!?!?!?
    What started out as protection for our population has morphed into a political ploy to force party change .
    Open your eyes

  11. It is absolutely time to open up! People have a constitutional right & should utilize it! If you are that ridiculously fearful ~ STAY HOME!!!!

    How can I find out which businesses will open? I would very much like to be supportive & visit as many as possible.

    Sincerely , Michele Thornton

  12. Open up you cannot stay home forever if you want to stay home so be it but for most people going out and enjoying life that god gave you is what you are suppose to do open up and start living

  13. Stay home then, it’s a fake virus that has been blown up by the liberal media

  14. Hey “have a right not to get sick” STAY HOME or do what an ostrich does and stick your head in the sand… maybe you’ll find your good buddy Murphy there too” As for me can I have a list of the 1000 businesses that are opening tomorrow, if they are in my area I want to go give them an air high 5 and buy or pertake in their services!!!!

  15. I clean for my dinero.
    My corozon tell me it ok to try open but must keep clean salon gyn or other stores.
    Use lysol, clorax, pine sol and rubbing alcohol to destroy any stench or bacteria.
    These peoples are hero’s.
    Mr. Phil is a very good man.
    Had to deal with much problem when he just come home from hospital.
    He try very hard for us excellent governor.
    But in his ❤ must understand people has to work for💰.
    All luck to everbodies.

  16. Look to be some some future heroic Darwin Award winners in the comments section here above – masks work, they’re not a political issue!

    Be kind. Care about others around you who may be older, or cancer survivors, or have weaker immune systems or compromised health and wear a mask as all the best peer reviewed studies suggest:

    If you continue to argue that masks are against your “constitutional rights” then at least you will attempt to idiotically eliminate yourselves from our gene pool, thereby ensuring the long run survival of our species. So thanks for that.

  17. Masks only work as a panacea.
    Masks only work to calm and control the population, by making them feel like they are “doing something”

  18. They all should open these worry getting sick but yet they pile into grocery stores home depot’s lowes and don’t think twice about getting g sick you people are jole like Murphy is going to save us all

  19. You must be a complete idiot. Could you at least read the peer reviewed studies and the science behind masks before making such idiotic comments. Asians have been wearing masks for decades in Japan, Korea, China and Hong Kong !

    1. against COVID19 ???

  20. No – as a consideration for others to not spread germs when you have a cough, cold or influenza that could spread via sneezing. Don’t be a Covidiot James, have some consideration and compassion for your fellow human beings!

  21. Happy to say hello. I’m sorry for lots of confusion here. Had the ccoronavirus; twice. Second time’s a breeze though. First time it was no worse then a bad cold. (but NJ residents need not worry from me) Have not been there at all during that time. If anyone would care for any answers that maybe I could define more clearly please feel free to ask. P.S. someone should really redesign the TROPICANA Casino’s parking garages. Just saying….

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