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Overnight Guests at the Ridgewood Train Station

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, In addition to our dumpster diver, The Ridgewood blog has noticed in recent months, a new trend of seeing overnight guests at the train station when we catch our early train.  

14 thoughts on “Overnight Guests at the Ridgewood Train Station

  1. What do you think Mayor should we build some affordable housing at the train statin ?

  2. Wait till the parking garage gets built; the overnight guests in there. So there will be an expensive police presence that residents will be taxed for. I think that Ridgewood will become in the next 10 years affordable only for families making at least 500 grand a year.

  3. I have seen this developing problem over the past year or so. Not only just the overnight sleepers themselves, but if you take a look over the fence behind the platform, the ground is full of empty beer cans and liquor bottles.

  4. That’s New Jersey transit’s problem, Call Them. No but Ridgewood police department will bring in more offices on overtime right. Right,

  5. Nap time. New boots. Maybe he miss the train.

  6. Can we claim the garage as part of affordable housing commitment ?

  7. A little compassion please. There but by the grace of god…

  8. A little compassion? I take it then that you will be inviting these people to come over to your place and stay until they get their lives back on track? Liberals love to be compassionate as long as it’s everyone else doing the compassion.

  9. I hope they put a urinal in Garagezilla. ‘Guests’ need some relief.

  10. Fake news.
    Professional actor placed by the anti-garage zealots trying their best to force the narrative.
    Nice try.
    We’re building and moving forward.
    And there’s nothing you can do about it.

  11. Wait till they start craping on the streets

  12. Bullshit, I see people wandering around early hours of the morning. This shits been going on for a long time. Look at the bus station there’s always some cuckoo birds sleeping and hang around people all day long. No actor. Some of you long time Ridgewood residence need to pull your head out of your ass.

  13. Yes early hours at the train station and bus station do you have individuals sleeping through the night and hang around all day long. This is not an actor. So please stop your bullshit. We had enough of it. The village of Ridgewood is not what are used to be. Way too much bullshit going on especially from the top it’s amazing do you think we are really stupid. Stop lying to our face. Everybody knows do not trust village hall anymore. Do you people do whatever the hell you think you can do. The party’s over, for now on we just contact our lawyer. That’s all. Maybe I’ll see you in court and on the news. Don’t try It anyone .

  14. Yeahhh,

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