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Paramus Man Rescued From Tree

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photos courtesy of Boyd Loving’s Facebook Page

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Paramus NJ, Paramus Police, Paramus Fire Truck Company #1, and Paramus EMS personnel & vehicles rushed to aid an individual who got stuck 30 feet high in a large shade tree located in the 200 block of East Midland Avenue, Paramus late Tuesday afternoon, 05/24. Paramus Police Chief Kenneth Ehrenberg, who was at the scene, said the rescued party was the property’s adult male owner, who was cutting down limbs from the tree when he became stuck. Firefighters from Truck 1 elevated their tower ladder to rescue the man, and then lowered him to his own driveway to be evaluated by EMS personnel. The victim refused ambulance transportation to a local hospital and was instead treated at the scene by EMTs for bruises and subsequently released.

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4 thoughts on “Paramus Man Rescued From Tree

  1. If Pfizer could only come up with a vaccine for stupidity!

    1. …the stupid wouldn’t take it.

  2. That’s because people are cheap, instead of hiring a professional.

  3. Hire professional. When it comes to tree work you Gotta know what you’re doing.

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