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UPDATE : Paterson Experiences Surge in Gun Crime

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Paterson NJ, in a new report, claims that more people have been shot in Paterson this year than at any other time in the past decade, according to city statistics. The Ridgewood blog originally reported that Paterson Mayor Andre Sayegh is blaming Governor Murphy’s early prisoner release program for the surge in gun crime.

Jessica Diaz , the Public Information Officer for the City of Paterson told the Ridgewood blog in an email that  Mayor Sayegh stated this ( Governor Murphy’s early prisoner release program)  may only be a possible contributing factor to the incidents and he is not blaming the Governor’s program for the uptick in gun crime.

The debate rages over weather early release contributes to more street crime ,” Criminologists say little research has been conducted to determine whether early-release initiatives lead to higher crime rates, although some prisoners who get out will undoubtedly commit crimes that they wouldn’t have been able to commit if they were still behind bars. “There’s no risk-free early-release program,” says Jeremy Travis, president of John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City. But early release doesn’t simply mean opening the gates and letting inmates run for it. No state is freeing sex offenders, murderers or habitually violent criminals. Most inmates who are eligible for early release are those who were caught with relatively small amounts of drugs. And generally, early-release guidelines require that inmates be within six months of their official exit date.”  (,8599,1923144,00.html )

NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt published an Op-Ed earlier this year exposing the shocking increase in gun crime and Governor Murphy’s refusal to get tough on chronic criminals.

NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt released this comment:

“Governor Murphy lied to New Jersey and released violent criminals into our neighborhoods. His weak leadership and bad judgment make our communities less safe and put our families at greater risk. Now, even members of his own Party are crying out publicly, condemning his policies and highlighting his failures. Governor Murphy’s radical, liberal agenda rewards criminals and threatens innocent New Jerseyans. His reckless, unreasonable and unsafe ideas must end. New Jersey deserves government with guts. It’s time for Phil to go.”

10 thoughts on “UPDATE : Paterson Experiences Surge in Gun Crime

  1. I thought Gov Beaver Teeth was making it safer by banning 15 round magazines.
    But as usual he’s just a typical pandering do nothing Democrat who blames the law abiding gun owners and NRA members for inner city crime.
    How about admitting the facts. Its the scumbags in the inner cities who don’t obey laws that will get a gun in Georgia or South Carolina illegally.
    But the douchebag Governor penalizes legal gun owners.
    Thats why there is a HUGE increase in HONEST LEGAL gun ownership by libtards and women who realize (but wont say publicly) that the scumbag criminals are the problem and we need to protect ourselves (since the libtards want to defund police)

  2. Sorry Andre, you can’t have it both ways…

  3. Our Mayor who wants it both ways now wants to close Passaic County Jail. Good luck!
    TJ Best for Mayor, time to get this political hack out of Paterson.

  4. When a incompetent is elected just so New Jersey can buy marijuana legally, you know we are screwed. He’s got to go.

  5. Governor Beaver Teeth….post of the week !

  6. Weren’t those prisoners released about a week and a half ago? And isn’t the study from”this year”? So I’m not sure I see the correlation of facts here… although I guess people don’t generally come to the ridgewood blog for facts unless they’re trying to figure out where a town is adding stop signs…

  7. Paterson has a gunshot detection system.
    What else do you need to know?

  8. No teen center no boxing gyms no program for kids what do u expect when your kids or left in the streets nothing to do ?

  9. I keep hearing that the prisoners are being dumped at bus stops all over the state. Does the Governor’s town have a bus stop?

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