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Please Lock Your Car Doors

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Twp of Washington NJ, courtesy of the Twp of Washington Police, Bergen County has seen a wave of vehicle thefts and attempted thefts throughout the week during the overnight and early morning hours. Please do not leave your cars running and keys in your car. Please lock your car doors and NEVER leave the key fobs inside your vehicles. Remove all valuables.

5 thoughts on “Please Lock Your Car Doors

  1. I saw another idiot today leave their car RUNNING while she went into Starbucks.

  2. That’s every day nothing new this is been going on for 20 years. You will never stop it. Oh well ,

  3. We all pay for these losses in high nj rates

  4. Maybe so , locking your door is not going to stop the car thief of today. That’s just going to slow down the garbage from stealing loose change a cell phone small items that you leave in the car. The bottom line is they are scoping out the area looking for high-end cars. When they find a car that they like any and it’s theirs. I don’t give a shit you can lock your car hide your keys in a safe ride the best alarm . If they want it they going to get it either in your driveway or in the parking lot end of story. I had the best cars, with the best alarm systems and doors locked and they got the car anyway. So you know what screw it leave the key in the car. That’s why we will pay insurance. Fuck it . Just like 15 years ago when all the Harley Davidson‘s We’re being stolen break from cops garage. Yeah remember that.

  5. How about don’t leave any thing in the car.

    People it’s all bull shit. Nothing will stop the Professional . The cops will not tell you that. Because it’s the truth.

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