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Port Authority security costs have risen 40 percent in five years


Port Authority security costs have risen 40 percent in five years

DECEMBER 9, 2014, 10:12 PM    LAST UPDATED: TUESDAY, DECEMBER 9, 2014, 10:12 PM

Few agencies know the horrors of terrorism  as does the Port Authority. But more than 13 years after the 9/11 attacks toppled the Twin Towers, the cost of its police and security apparatus continues to mushroom at a rate some top officials are calling unsustainable.

The Port Authority’s 1,835-member police force is bigger than ever and growing still. Some officers racked up so much overtime last year that they tripled their salaries and ranked among the agency’s top earners. At the same time, the Port Authority is paying an unprecedented amount to private security companies to help guard airports and other facilities. And the costs could continue to climb as the agency assumes increasing responsibility for securing a nearly rebuilt World Trade Center.

When Port Authority commissioners meet this morning, they are scheduled to  vote on a 2015 spending plan that dedicates nearly a quarter of every dollar spent on operations to police and security. The $658 million slated for public-safety operations is 40 percent higher than it was only five years ago and quadruple the 2000 level. That growth has come as the rest of the agency’s operating expenses remained flat the last decade, its non-police workforce shrinking.

“Neither the trajectory of the expenses nor the current level is sustainable,” Port Authority Chairman John Degnan said in an interview on Tuesday.

8 thoughts on “Port Authority security costs have risen 40 percent in five years

  1. None of which is capable of stopping a determined pilot in a midsized commercial aircraft.

    PA cop is probably the best job in the country right now. $200k a year, no real intellectual prerequisites, and you retire at 45 with $150k pension.

    That’s right. If only I had eschewed college, grad school, and 20 years of corporate nonsense, I could be retired now with a pension that would rank in the top decile salary range nationwide. With benefits!

  2. You certainly have the right picture with this article SHAFT.

  3. How many cops at the PA are double dippers from NY and NJ ? and how did they get those jobs ?

  4. god forbid that these people who risk their lives every single day going to work and potentially taking a bullet are make more than you. not to mention that you target the street cop and not the admin for allowing the overtime because of regulations put forth by people you put in office. Number 1 37 PA officers were killed on 911 when they couldnt stop a commercial airliner…yet their friends, family, and colleagues still go into work every single day to protect New Jersey and New York. If you can do the job, sighn up and help eliminate overtime. These top three posters don’t get it.

  5. #4, I just knew someone would be in here with the “But 37 PA officers died on 9/11”.

    Over three thousand other people died on 9/11 for doing just what those PA officers did: they went to work that day.

    As for “sign up and help eliminate the overtime”, you are possibly the most naive fool on the internet if you think 1) that’s an open enrollment process, and 2) that the overtime is unwelcome by the cops pulling double shifts in their patrol cars by the Hoboken rail yards. Please. They lobby for those hours.

  6. Yea like always they say the guys who worked at the center were just doing their job.

  7. Hear hear #5, just like Ridgewood cops lobby for extra duty work – it’s a complete boondoggle that only hurts taxpayers and rate payers. If the unions want it, it’s surely bad for the rest of us.

  8. so disrespectful #4 of the 2,996 people who died just going to work on 9/11. their friends, family and collegaues miss them every single day

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