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>"premier status"

>There used to be a time when Ridgewood residents were smart enough to sift through all of the new theories and ideas and separate the wheat from the chaff. They would implement only those ideas that were of the highest caliber and which would measurably improve their own value and greatness and those of their children and neighbors. These sound primary individual decisions would yield a secondary effect of fundamentally improving Ridgewood as a whole which in turn lead to the by-product of elevating and sustaining Ridgewood as a premier community.

Now it seems like the residents are so focused on the primary goal of building and maintaining the perception of “premier status” that they are easily fooled by any charlatan claiming to have something new… Many current residents are so insecure in their own judgments that they happily relinquish their decision making power to any golden tongued “expert” touting some “shiny new” theory or idea. Everything is treated as wheat even when it is chaff…and when one dines on too much chaff, one is not long for this world.

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