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Princeton Rated the Best College in New Jersey


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Princeton NJ, With the first “early decision” college-application deadline looming on Nov. 1 and colleges adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic, the personal-finance website WalletHub today released its 2021’s Best College & University Rankings report, as well as accompanying videos, in addition to separate rankings for colleges and for universities.

To help college-bound seniors choose the best schools within their states, WalletHub compared over 1,000 higher-education institutions in the U.S. based on 30 key measures grouped into seven categories, such as Student Selectivity, Cost & Financing and Career Outcomes. The data set ranges from student-faculty ratio to graduation rate to post-attendance median salary.

Top 10 Colleges & Universities in New Jersey

1. Princeton University 6. Rutgers University-Newark
2. Stevens Institute of Technology 7. Rutgers University-Camden
3. Rutgers University-New Brunswick 8. Ramapo College of New Jersey
4. College of New Jersey 9. Seton Hall University
5. New Jersey Institute of Technology 10. Stockton University

With that in mind, here’s a closer look at some of the top schools and how each performed in certain metrics:

School Snapshot: Princeton University (1 = Best; 11 = Average; 21 = Worst):

1st – Admission Rate
20th – Net Cost
1st – Student-Faculty Ratio
18th – On-Campus Crime
4th – Gender & Racial Diversity
1st – Graduation Rate
2nd – Post-Attendance Median Salary

School Snapshot: Stevens Institute of Technology (1 = Best; 11 = Average; 21 = Worst):

2nd – Admission Rate
21st – Net Cost
4th – Student-Faculty Ratio
15th – On-Campus Crime
21st – Gender & Racial Diversity
3rd – Graduation Rate
1st – Post-Attendance Median Salary

School Snapshot: Rutgers University-New Brunswick (1 = Best; 11 = Average; 21 = Worst):

4th – Admission Rate
14th – Net Cost
15th – Student-Faculty Ratio
1st – On-Campus Crime
2nd – Gender & Racial Diversity
4th – Graduation Rate
5th – Post-Attendance Median Salary

To view the full reports, please visit:

Best Colleges & Universities Overall:

Best Colleges:

Best Universities:

3 thoughts on “Princeton Rated the Best College in New Jersey

  1. Is anyone surprised by this?

  2. best in NJ only, how about in the USA

  3. The hard part is getting in.

    I remember reading an Ivy League professor that said he couldn’t remember the last time he gave out a ‘B’.

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