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Property tax burden up 13% under Christie, analysis shows


Taxes: $22,164

Taxes: $22,164

Property tax burden up 13% under Christie, analysis shows

TRENTON  — The net household property tax burden in New Jersey rose 13 percent during Gov. Chris Christie’s first three years in office — a number that reflects both his success in reining in local government spending and his inability to restore a relief program that was gutted by his predecessor during the Great Recession, an Associated Press analysis of tax data has found.  Associated Press

6 thoughts on “Property tax burden up 13% under Christie, analysis shows

  1. How sad. I am supposed to be happy that it wasn’t worse.

    Why the fuck are property taxes outpacing inflation by an order of magnitude?

  2. 13% tax growth under Christie, 15% under Corzine. Doesn’t seem to matter who’s trying to drive the bus, mandated costs grow and grow. I suppose this will continue until the state (and pretty much everyone in it) is bankrupt.

    We are paying the price of years of kicking the cost can down the road. Always easier to give in to wage and benefit demands and increase social program spending as long as the bill won’t come due while they’re elected.

  3. How does any idiot call this a success?

  4. it’s not it’s a scam bro. no one’s tax’es are going to ever go down, so if any one thinks so, well dream on.

  5. Its not the Governor who raises your property taxes.
    Property taxes are a function of your local government.
    Every time you vote yes on the school budget your taxes go up.
    Every time a union contract is signed with Village employees your taxes go up.
    Its simple. Cut costs. Cut the generous benefits, salaries, and pensions.
    It will come as no surprise that there are many qualified people ready, willing, and able to come and work for lower salaries and benefits.

  6. NET property taxes….read the article carefully.
    It takes into account rebates…..and they played funny games with the numbers.
    Gross property tax increases are the lowest they have been in years.

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