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Racist Graffiti Discovered at Glen Rock High School

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Glen Rock NJ, on October 21st, at 8:42 a.m.  the Director of Security for the Glen Rock Public Schools reported finding racist graffiti on the wall of a bathroom at the Glen Rock High School. School officials were alerted to the graffiti after receiving an e-mail from a parent. The Security Director was immediately notified, searched for and located the graffiti in question. The bathroom is for male students and is located on the first-floor science wing, which is used by both middle and high school students. It is unknown when this occurred, and no evidence was recovered. Maintenance personnel were assigned to remove the graffiti.

3 thoughts on “Racist Graffiti Discovered at Glen Rock High School

  1. That’s one thing that I hate is graffiti. And that’s one thing that I was taught from my parents. Never ever deface property.And these kids need to be told that their parents are paying for all this in their taxes.

  2. It’s just like Mischief night ,it’s fun but you really want to go to someone’s property and dump eggs, whipped cream ,toilet paper on someone’s expensive car. Come on Time to grow up. You wouldn’t be happy if it was your card.

  3. What was the actual racist graffiti?
    Was it:
    “All whites are inherently evil, racist oppressors, regardless of what individuals do”
    Oh no, sorry. That racism is what’s being taught in the classroom.

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