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Ramapough leaders charged with criminal mischief


Tom Nobile , Staff Writer, @TomNobile

MAHWAH — Two leaders of the Ramapough Lenape Nation have been charged with criminal mischief after an investigation into vandalism at the Polo Club, a residential development next to the tribe’s property.

Tribe member Steven D. Smith, 29, is accused of tampering with a neighborhood surveillance camera by trying to turn the lens to a different view, according to police. He was driven to the scene by Chief Dwaine Perry, police said.

2 thoughts on “Ramapough leaders charged with criminal mischief

  1. I try to follow the issues surrounding the Ramapoughs. They are recognized by NJ but not the federal government. I don’t know what benefits they receive as a tribe and howvthey use them.

    A lot of us maintain our culture while assimilating. They need services to move from poverty to productive lives. And healthcare because the pollution of the Ford motor company still causes illnesses.

    Perhaps free tuition at Ramapo College will help

  2. I have read several articles about the Ramapoughs. The Pollution of their land by Ford was a crime that caused and still causes health problems. They need superfund cleanup and healthcare screening for this.

    Their fights with neighbors will not win them many friends.. A few years ago three Ramapough members were arrested for arson for setting fire to a home (empty) that a tribe member had lost in foreclosure.

    Assimilation is the name of the game. You can keep your culture alive and still participate in the life of the outside community. Education and jobs are the future. If you chose to live totally as a tribe member your opportunities will be limited. Find balance.

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