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Reader asks Why does anyone care what Roberta, have to say?

aronsohn and jan phillips

Why does anyone care what Roberta, Halaby or any of the other blowhards (that seem to think they are the only ones in this town that have a brain) have to say? Am i concerned about the ability of the current mayor to separate herself from her family situation and do what’s right for this town and it’s finances…yes, but to even think about the option of having some wannabe politicians who are going to push their special interest agenda, all in the hopes of financing some future political career is way more terrifying. We need to elect people that have some basic understanding of municipal economics and realize that this town’s tax base is not an ever increasing piggy bank. This and future councils have to be held accountable for every dime they spend or budget for….we all as taxpayers have to take larger roles in policing future councils in order to keep people from leaving this Village because it’s just not affordable to live. Who really cares what Roberta has to say, she’s proven time and again (contrary to what Mr Halaby thinks) that she was a complete and utter failure as manager of this town. As for Halaby, this guy is funny…..he’ll rant and rave about how not one dime should be spent on Schedler but is as vocal as anyone that this town’s future is wholly dependent on spending $11 million on a garage that is clearly not needed. I do look forward to his lectures on constitutional law and his waving of the American flag at council meetings…let those clowns attack the mayor or anyone else who doesn’t fallen in line…who cares? They are irrelevant at best.

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  1. Those who criticize Knudsen can’t have it both ways. FIRST Halaby was saying Knudsen wouldn’t develop Schedler because her parents lived near by. Well she and the council did vote to develop Schedler. And did chop down many wonderful and necessary trees and destroyed nests and snags (dead trees) home for insects which are food for birds. Yes, disgusting.

    I think she was wrong not to let a little open space , Schedler exist. We read how important it is to save open space.

    Knudsen does what she thinks is best for the town. She is not guilty of nepotism. (I didn’t read the letter by Sonnenfeld yet. I’ll have to find a hard, paper copy. Not online

    I disagree with Knudsen about Schedler and about having a parking garage instead of parking decks two levels at both ends of town, much much cheaper, and also convenient, but I don’t question her motives. I think she is honest.

    I will not vote for her or Sedon or the other candidates. I am an idealist. I won’t vote. First time in many years, I am not voting. I did vote for Knudsen and Sedon in the past. Am disappointed now.

  2. Voting Knudsen. like her and trust her. Sonenfeld was bad for village and she’s lying to get her job back. Be very careful before you know it you’ll be bowing to the toxic mix of Village Manager Sonenfeld, Mayor Voight and two aronsohm Hauck puppets named Willett and Harwin. Vagianos is salivating to bring back the huge garage and Delzio is warming up the bulldozer to clear cut the schwdler.

  3. 10:20am agree 100% Knudsen is honest and doing right for Ridgewood. I pay close attention to council meetings and don’t believe there was a vote to develop Schedler. Maybe you can provide a link to the vote. They did vote to rescind the original overdevelopment plan approved by the previous disaster bunch. Honestly don’t think they voted on a new plan.
    Don’t like the garage though it’s a better compromise. Did they vote for a garage yet?

  4. Agree Mayor D’Bag is Jeff Voigy big plan. Look at Harwin ans voihht Facebook page. no secret his hatred for the folks who got him elected. last week his nasty on Walsh. He’s just a hater. Never trusted

  5. Actually there was a committee formed headed by Hache and Sedon and some sports guy with neighborhood input that decided to partially develop Schedler. Knudsen applauded the decision of partial development which includes an all purpose sports field smaller than the 90 foot one, parking, a separate playground and bathrooms and all bells and whistles , the cost they, the council do not care, Sedon said they will budget over many years. I think the idea is horrible; not fare to ecosystem , to wildlife there; I have heard from council that nesting eagles are there , no more. Some people have said scavanging eagles. No concern for wildlife or open space, , it is disgusting that yes, that they would pander and build Schedler instead of explaining to children the importance of open space and making trails for kids and grown ups to explore. Dr. Infantano wanted a park like development. . That is OK with me. What they are doing is wrong. I won’t vote for them. They will win with a landslide I predict because no one decent is running against them. Sorry, I wasn’t brought up for disgusting New JOISEY compromise. And I made an error in a my last statement because I am basically chicken shit. What I wanted to say is I think that Knudsen does what is best for herself in major town decisions, what will capture the most votes for her. Which is a smaller garage, and some development at Schedler. That way no one can disagree with her, she thinks. Mediocre thinking. I do disagree . I want cheap parking decks on both sides of town and NO development at Schedler. I am the idealist who wants to keep the best charm of Ridgewood and loves nature. And want to save open space. IF there is any to save . HA HA. That is why I could never vote for Knudsen and Sedon.

    1. so you will vote for the people who wanted to clear cut the whole property and build a turf field ???

  6. Isn’t the village manager in charged of hiring staff? How could Roberta write a letter making accusations if she did the hiring? Two years later? Seriously.

  7. Current council hasn’t accomplished anything and the other two candidates lack in fully understanding what it takes, even if people say their credentials are good. t is like the Hillary and trump vote all over again, either vote sucks

  8. Wish i had seen this photo before I ate too much at Palm Sunday brunch. It would have ruined my apetite for sure. We need to prevent the return of this bombacity. Whatever doubt you may have about Kndsen and Seddon, you know for sure how harmful the Airbag puppets will be for the Village if they are lected to the council.

  9. As I said previously, we have no candidates with new ideas running. Sedon and Susan may have done nothing visible but push the garage that no-one wants anymore, but they haven’t done too much actual damage to Ridgewood. Aronson’s puppets will just pick up where they left off. That means that they will promote even more outlandish development in town, and may revert to that huge garage when basically we don’t want any. Everyone who cares at all about Ridgewood, or who plans to live here a few more years MUST VOTE. If you can’t stomach voting for any of them, you still must vote. Otherwise Aronson’s people will be a shoe in as they will be the only ones to draw the voters. If you stay home, you choose the puppets because they will win by default. All you can do this time is to vote for the current council and then spend some time finding someone with the kind of knowledge we need to lead this town.

  10. Don’t you get it. Ridgewood is already ruined. I know the four multi family monstrosities are not yet built. But they will be. In five years Ridgewood will be unrecognizable and a very crowded unpleasant place to live. And what about the unintended consequences of the four apt. complexes; water problems, sewage problems, crime; dangerous streets from too many vehicles, noise , vehicle pollution.

    It doesn’t matter who wins this election. The damage is done. Your taxes will sky rocket most likely; the profit from renting the
    apts. will not cover the new problems.

  11. What do you mean who cares? You WILL be made to care, villager.

  12. 3:16: FOUR years later. And from a disgraced former village manager who created an HR position for one pal from Bergen Leads and more or less gave the house at Habernickel to another for low rent who is now running roughshod over the neighborhood while absorbing endless village services. She should talk! As for not voting, that is a copout. I could not count how many times in my life I have voted for the lesser o two, three, or more evils. It is never true that all candidates are alike. If you must, choose the ones you dislike the most, hold your nose, and vote for the others. More Aronsohn acolytes on the council would be a disaster as Voigt voted with them and created another “council majority” to do Aronsohn’s bidding. To wait for the perfect candidate would be to abdicate from your civic responsibility.

  13. With all due respect to 12:26 a.m. I do not see how Ridgewood can be further ruined so to speak. The multifamily housing as done it.

    Even if Schedler were clear cut the fact that so many trees are nowgone is bad enough. So a new council takes down a few more , big deal, the damage is already done.

    As for the parking garage, good luck with that. I suppose those who want it are willing to pay the higher taxes because it cannot pay for itself. And most residents are happy with buying of the building for the water dept. And they are happy with the money is no object policy for the development of Schedler, Sedon says it can be budgeted little by little over the years. (The reason I won’t vote for him.) That is the rich man’s philosophy. I for example would never buy an expensive new car. Why, I would never budget it over the years, because I could not really afford to. I have to many high expenses now and there are always unexpected expenses, like an appliance breaking or house maintenance. That is how the real world works for most of us. But Ridgewood is different. Money is no object for most of the residents who live here. So I apologize for my attitude; I really should be moving out . This town is no place for old men, or women Remember the film and novel. No PLACE FOR OLD MEN. I think that is the title.

    The reason the present council is so loose with taxpayers money is because they know a majority of residents don’t care how much their taxes are raised. They don’t care if they pay $1.25 an hour to pick up a prescription at the pharmacy at 8 a.m. Soooo again, the crap talk about making this town amenable to seniors is just that crap tawk.

  14. Roberta Sonenfeld is a F$CKING MORON. End of story.

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