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>Reader calls on BOE and VC to ,"EITHER STEP UP OR STEP THE HELL DOWN!"

>OH MY GOD! I can not believe what I am hearing (or reading)! Did someone just say that if they bid it out then there will be more noisy garbage trucks driving through the town??? I think the NJ Transit buses make more noise but I guess because a good number of us have or still rely on them that’s not an issue huh? Besides, a noisy truck is not a valid reason for the BOE to be held hostage to the VC or vice-versa.

The bottom line is this: The Village Counsel AND the Board of Ed are BOTH FULL OF CRAP. The BOE should have NO dependence on the Village’s budget and nor should the Village be dependent on the BOE (to provide work for Village employees). Let the BOE bid it out. And let the Village do what they have to. Furthermore, since when has the idea of cutting back on employees in the worst economy since the Great Depression become such taboo? And can someone tell me when did running this town become a God Damn popularity contest? If it means saving money for the taxpayers than it should be done with no remorse.

Running this town is serious business, and it should be planned out and executed as such. And as much as it may effect one’s life, the truth is that this is nothing personal to those who may be let go, this is business. It was business to the millions of American’s who have been let go from their jobs since Sept of 2008 and it’s no different now. As soon as emotions intertwine with business is the very instant dumb comments and even dumber decisions are made. Tough times call for tough measures!

Now is a better time than ever that someone in Village Taj maHall needs to grow some damn balls and do something that will insulate the taxpayers and it’s retail establishments from any additional increases! And again, if it means loud garbage trucks on the road so be it because if that is someone’s biggest fear than I will show you someone who thinks elitism in the new black! When in reality, elitism is a sure sign of complete and total ignorance!

I can understand and respect the efforts and I know I don’t want to see anyone lose their job, but if that’s what it takes to slow the death spiral of this town’s debts THAN DO IT ALREADY. We don’t need to be Nostradamus to know that with a new Governor calling the shots who has already told us to be ready “to feel the pain” it is NOT going to get any better before it get’s worse.

So to Village Hall and the B.O.E. I say to you: EITHER STEP UP OR STEP THE HELL DOWN because the voters in this Village are sick of these cunning stunts that result in nothing but us tax payers getting screwed yet again! As Thomas Paine wrote in “The Crisis” (how fitting huh?) “The cunning of the fox is just as murderous as the violence of the wolf.”


Craig Hueneke

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