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Reader Comments : “IRS apologizes for targeting tea party groups”


Reader Comments : “IRS apologizes for targeting tea party groups”

It is telling that the IRS thoughtlessly let the cat out of the bag that they used words like “tea party” and “patriot” in the titles of organizations as triggers for increased scrutiny (read: audit) when determining whether they merit tax-exempt status.  More than likely 90-95% of IRS staffers already personally thoughtlessly assume that tea party/patriot organizations are inherently political.

Ardent progressives/liberals have been hard at work in this country politicizing everything they can get their grubby little mitts on.  Once they are successful in politicizing a subject, they can begin to dominate it under the umbrella of their political perspective, because most people in polite conversation shy away from politically sensitive subjects.

Tea Party/Patriot organizations are not truly political in nature, much to the chagrin of dedicated progressives and modern liberals.  They believe in preserving and strengthening the principles upon which this country was founded.  Such principles should be, and thankfully still are, above mere ‘politics’.

One reason why the Ridgewood Fourth of July parade organizers do not and should not have a problem with individuals who are members of Tea Party organizations marching under their own banner in the parade is that they are true civic organizations that do not support particular candidates or parties.  Another reason is that the annual Ridgewood Fourth of July Parade exists for essentially the same reason that Tea Party/Patriot organizations do:  To foster greater respect for the founding principles and documents (e.g., Declaration of Independence, Constitution) of this country!


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