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Readers Debate Development in Downtown Ridgewood

Readers Debate Development in Downtown Ridgewood 

This is a thoughtful letter but I have to disagree. Multi-unit housing is preferable to deteriorating empty lots, and environmentally makes better use of land and resources.

Today there are fewer drivers, smaller families and a huge baby boomer population who will find this an attractive lifestyle option. Presumably any expanded services needed to accommodate this growth will be absorbed by the additional tax base.
I’ve lived in a Ridgewood single family house 20+ years, kids done with college; would welcome some options to stay in town without the responsibility of home ownership/maintenance.

Excellent letter — most folks living here don’t want another 400 or 500 apartments downtown — or the other buildings that will follow these initial proposals.

To the person who commented “I’ve lived in a Ridgewood single family house 20+ years, kids done with college;” — you are in luck — i saw rental signs on the apartments in town today. Call a realtor and they will help you find a rental. Or, you can move ten minutes down the road to Hackensack where you will find abundant rentals.

5 thoughts on “Readers Debate Development in Downtown Ridgewood

  1. Most people especially seniors sell their house in Rdgewood and move down south where the weather is warmer. The cost of living is cheaper and the life style is slower.

  2. That’s true. Many older seniors need warmer weather.

  3. We just don’t need and we just can’t afford another 400 to 500 new families moving into town. And remember, that’s phase 1. Once it is approved the developers will be looking to develop Phase 2, 3, 4 etc.

    I really don’t see why people don’t get it — developers don’t stop developing until zoning laws stop them. By opening Ridgewood up to massive development, we are giving up the value of our homes and lifestyles.

  4. Very well said #3.

  5. What do you mean giving up?
    You missed that boat years ago .

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