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Reader says It’s all about updating the fields for soccer and lacrosse.

Schedler Park ball field

It’s all about updating the fields for soccer and lacrosse. We already have three (3) 60×90 fields.

Take a look at the RBSA website. There are only eight (8) Rec (Bonvarlet Senior and Junior) teams in town. Most of the Senior games this year were forfeited due to not having enough players.

As the demographic changes, the trending for the last 8+ years shows that baseball and softball particpation is way down. This past year there were only 5 travel teams that needed 60×90 fields. They usually play 2x week with one maybe two home games per week.

Those three fields are more than adequate for covering home field assignments.

So we’re left with conclusion. The Rec Comm wants to upgrade their facilities and showcase soccer and lacrosse.

The idea that they lost a field when BF was converted to a track facility is rubbish. They were desperate to get turf at the HS and play on Ridgewood Avenue and in front of the HS building. You can’t have your cake and eat it too…

8 thoughts on “Reader says It’s all about updating the fields for soccer and lacrosse.

  1. What is “Bonvarlet”

    Soccer is big until 8th grade. Maroons are superstars in 8th grade and in the HS mediocrity takes over. In HS most players focus on lax, the so called money sport. Most college players get small stipends to play, many get nothing to play in college. Bragging rights for parents.

    Parents chase the dream with 12 month lax and tournaments in summer and fall. By senior year they are chasing colleges that their kids aren’t interested in because they are too embarrassed to say that the kids were not recruited. There are RHS freshmen with professional recruitment videos. (Search online). Freshmen! Parents pay for these so that they can lock the kids into a college by sophomore year. Pathetic exploitation.

    College sports are a job. Go to college for an education and for life experiences.

  2. You can’t EAT your cake and HAVE it, too. (Have, then eat: yes. Eat, then have: no.) Otherwise I agree with everything you said.

  3. Truth reigns on the Ridgewood Blog. People with Brains and Hearts with less Evil Agendas to Cash In to move on

  4. Fine! Don’t use it for sports. Sell it.

  5. If this is true, why don’t they just say the want soccer and lacrosse fields – what is the advantage of claiming they want baseball fields?

  6. 11:23PM – the recreation folks use the “we lost a field card…”

    I bet if they offered natural grass at Schedler the recreation Brahmins would say “no thanks.”

    They want turf…and lights.

  7. Great for the Rubber Turf and light vendors. Lots of excavation Bids too..
    Bad for neighbors bad for air and noise issues

  8. it’s called a magic trick. watch the hand that is in front of you while they switch and pull a fast one on you.

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