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Reader says its time for Ridgewood to consider later start times for School


Reader says its time for Ridgewood to consider later start times for School

The science on kids and sleep is the driver. The studies point to the need for more sleep, the fact that teens can’t physically go to sleep before 11 and the positive impact on the brain to getting 8hrs sleep.

School asks kids to be at their most alert when they are not, why not maximize the learning opportunities to the brain. A better educational experience is the best preparation for the real world.

It is more the science of sleep and impact on learning than preparation for a post-college life so the science is there…the test case in nearby Wilton, CT is there…when will Ridgewood start considering this?

Guilford weighs later start times for high school students
By Kate Ramunni
Posted: 11/29/14, 4:19 PM EST |

GUILFORD >> An extra hour of sleep is considered a luxury to most, but many say it’s a necessity for high school students. And now several school districts are considering giving that extra hour to its older students, not because they’re feeling magnanimous, but for the safety, physical and academic benefits that extra hour of sleep brings.

The Guilford Board of Education is one district contemplating the change. As the board begins its 2015-16 budget process, its list of priorities includes the investigation of the benefits of later starting times for the older students.

“It’s been on the table for years,” said Board of Education Chairman William Bloss. “It’s really driven by medical science — it seems like every year or two there is a study that describes the advantages to later start times for teens and how medically and educationally it is in the students’ best interest.”

9 thoughts on “Reader says its time for Ridgewood to consider later start times for School

  1. Nonsense!

  2. I agree. Nonsense. Making the start time later would simply make CERTAIN kids adjust their schedules whereby they would go to bed later. It’s all about certain kids, and it’s typically the same ones who fall asleep in class. The reason for this is poor time management and staying up too late. Why change the whole system because of these nitwits? It would also create scheduling problems with the after-school programs.

  3. If the purpose of school is to prepare the kids for a lifetime of corporate drudgery, then the hours are fine the way they are.

    And face it, most of your snowflakes (and probably mine) are in for just that kind of life.

  4. In the last part, #2 hit the nail on the head. A later start time would cause havoc with team sports, as they need to meet other schools that are on standard schedules.

  5. It’s lights out in my house at 11pm. My kids know that have to have everything done and have themselves prepared for bed at 11pm. They may ask for additional time if they need it.

  6. Folks, you might think your kids are sleeping soundly in their beds, but many of you might be shocked to know how late they’re up texting. The only way to defeat this is either setting up time-blocks on the phone service, or having a rule about phones being charged overnight in the kitchen. Oh, they say I don’t trust them. Ha. Great kids, but they lie through their teeth to get their way.

  7. It would also be terrible for working parents who have to get younger kids out of the house before heading to work themselves.

  8. I used to wake up at 5:15 and swim 1.5 miles before heading over to Heermance.

    The Chinese are going to eat our lunch and dinner.

  9. #4 here again. . . . #6, some of that aren’t that dopey. My high schoolers cell phones are on chargers in the kitchen (alongside their Ti-nspires and Chromebooks) and I check the Verizon Wireless usage every week to see how they are using their phones.

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