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Reader says lynch mob mentality in the Village is a sign of “affluenza”



What does ‘severity of injury’ have to do with how one side went about riling up a lynch mob to take down half the high school? All because their precious kid voluntarily went into a fight and came off badly from it?
You realize what this kid is learning, right? I can get into a fight any time. If I win – great. If I lose, my extended family will use all their clout to take down any and everyone who did not protect me from my own decision.
There is a well-established term for that kind of situation.

12 thoughts on “Reader says lynch mob mentality in the Village is a sign of “affluenza”

  1. It’s not the first sign.

  2. I think we’ve had enough Monday morning quarterbacking on this subject and it’s time to let the authorities do their job. This is a sad situation on many counts.

  3. A reminder of the initial demands that were made on posts across multiple groups on Facebook. And there is evidence (in the form of Facebook comments) of a LOT of people agreeing with all of this.


    This is the position that should be taken
    1. ALL kids that were involved in setting up the fight, especially the one that beat him and the pervert with the pictures, should be expelled immediately, whether they threw a punch or not (only one is known to have hit my nephew on the 27th and 28th, I don’t know if there were other altercations): and
    2. ALL who have these/this photo of (this girl) a minor on their phone or other device should also be expelled. There should be ZERO tolerance.
    3. ALL who attended either fight, whether friend or foe of my nephew, on Friday or on Saturday must be suspended. There should be ZERO tolerance for this sickening and barbaric behavior of gathering for a fight, if this were an arranged dog or chicken fight, all present would be charged: and,
    4. I also believe the RHS wrestling season for 2017 should end today. It does not matter how many are involved, ALL should be disciplined.

  4. 10.34. Nicely said. Enough with this case. Let the authorities deal with it.

  5. We’ve had a decade or more of helicopter parents, participation trophies and general coddling of anyone who needs to be considered “special”. As a society we have failed these kids by not teaching them how to both win and lose with dignity or to be accountable for their behavior. Once the kid grows beyond his parents’ ability to fix everything for him, the kid is faced with the harsh reality of natural consequences to his actions. The real world is not a kind place and we have raised a generation of kids that are wholly unprepared to face it.

  6. We’ve successfully taught kids how to be dependent victims. We have not taught them how to effectively and independently fight/defend themselves, either verbally or physically in a socially acceptable manner.
    Is this result a surprise to anyone?

  7. The poster of that owes so many kids and parents and families an apology.
    It effectively made ANY weak argument that their family member was an innocent victim, null and void. Most people with any sanity KNEW they were off the charts allegations from the beginning but so many people wanted this poor freshman’s head in a platter and an entire sports team with it!!!!!
    They are owed a serious apology. By this family.
    Every damn sports team and ckubbwoukd have to be suspended if you ask who did wrong here.
    Appalling behavior by this family.

  8. 11:11 – Do you realize if any district students are expelled, the Ridgewood taxpayers are on the hook for the cost to educate them in another district or private school?

  9. 4:01 don’t waste your time arguing with somebody that has already shown themselves to be irrational.

  10. I see “side 2” (aka team frosh) is ramping up the anti-junior rhetoric while clothing it in moral outrage. Pretty much the same thing we initially saw with the anti-freshman rhetoric. (At least team frosh is more subtle than “side 1” (aka junior team) in their delivery, but this is just a matter of style – not substance.)
    Ironic (not really) that we see the same (bad) behavior being deployed now by Team Frosh they earlier vilified when same bad behavior was deployed by Junior Team against them.
    I guess truth is truly subjective now-a-days
    The smartest team out there is the “Girls Team” with their strategy of radio silence.

  11. Yes you’re right

  12. 7:23pm that’s a very cynical position you’re taking. Of course the truth is capable of being determined objectively. We shouldn’t be seen as signaling to one side or another that they will continue to make progress by obscuring the truth. Or are you yourself a partisan?

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