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Reader says Ridgwood it’s Time for School District Consolidation


I watched last night’s meeting. They were trying to figure out how to budget with the coming property tax situation in NJ. They were real concerned about health care premiums going up too.
The answer is staring them in the face: What other states do CONSOLIDATION. New Jersey will be forced into it. One school supt. per several towns, and so on for police, fire, and so on.
And you know what that is a good thing. It’s about time. Rutgers has been recommending for years. In fact all universities with town planning programs say that. Many states do. So pig greedy NJ. Let’s be good and nice not naughty and consolidate. You will be forced into it.

13 thoughts on “Reader says Ridgwood it’s Time for School District Consolidation

  1. We do need more leverage over teachers who plan their misbehavior to coincide with periods during which their existing contract has expired and compensation for both prior months and future years is at issue. Sick of their threats…

  2. Although consolidation is the obvious way to go with so much of our local, county, and State governments, be it in emergency service, education, utilities, etc., it wont happen. You see, it’s all about how the sauce is made. It’s all about the highly complex system of political paybacks in granting the positions that fill this byzantine structure of inefficiency.

  3. 3:37 raises legitimate points. A big deterrent is school board representation. No one wants to get shortchanged and the town having the facility wants a bit more than a fair shake . The issue of Wallington not integrating with Becton East Rutherford/ Carlstadt is a case in point. There should be some statewide guidelines and maybe a little more push from the halls of power. The overlap of administration is overwhelming as a result of home rule.

  4. Police too

  5. FAIRLY SCARY THAT A Common sense approach to reduce even 15 percent of overlap and waste is foiled by home rule and the unions and local management raiding the taxpayers
    on basic services .This is why most people move south..even beyond the high taxes on everything here and cold weather ..system is Rigged…solution Move..bring in the next new homeowner resident with kids as towns & state opportunity to clean them out next…

  6. If RW goes School district consolidation it will be the final nail in the coffin.
    As it is we are hanging on to our “tradition” of excellence by our fingernails now as it is.

  7. 5:48… or consolidating administration, which is where you get the bang for the buck in savings… RHS is pretty packed already as well as middle and grammar schools… what would be the negative? There would not be an increase in student teacher ratios… the teachers here would continue to teach… Or are you afraid of Paterson students or some attitude like that which unfortunately is in the Ridgewood tradition?

  8. Board of Education is kind of like Hollywood business, isn’t it so

  9. 5:41 how does home rule affect it? Can you please share some more details?

  10. Why would Ridgewood want to merge with schools that under-perform it?

  11. Facebook Group – Ridgewood Moms and Dads with FREE SPEECH: Admin uploaded a BOE file that will make your jaw drop.
    November 29 at 7:02pm

    If you want to know where your tax money is spent, attached are some reports for the board of ed expenses. I am just uploading these files here as FYI. Any resident can click on ‘files’ and then find these files on this Facebook group.

  12. Tom Bacci, when did you last look at Ridgewood’s ranking in the county, much less the state or nationally? If you graphed it, the downward curve would signal a severe recession if it was a financial curve. The question could be reversed–Why would a good school want to merge with us? I’m sure we would be overwhelmed by the number of applicants to merge, but none would be in the upper rankings for sure. Too many people are carrying in their minds what their realtors told them when they moved in. We might see some changes if these same people would open their eyes and see what is really going on!

  13. Good lord what planet is Bacci on?
    This guy is a classic example of what’s wrong around here.
    God talk about asleep at the wheel.
    “Everything’s fine…Village Hall us doing a smashing job”.
    Wait, my property taxes are 25k a year?

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