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Reader says The Ken Smith lot is an ideal location for large parking facility


Reader says The Ken Smith lot is an ideal location for large parking facility

Parking in Ridgewood has been a problem for decades with no one doing anything about it but paying lip service until it gets pass along to the next guy in office… As a kid growing up a few towns north, it was always a pain coming into Ridgewood because of parking… 17 or Westwood always was more convenient.. Fast forward 30 years later and now as a resident, I’ve still seen nothing substantial being done about it… pass the buck folks! Attracting commuters and visitors with ease of access to convenient parking will only help increase revenue for the town and its businesses…

The Ken Smith lot is an ideal location for large parking facility with close proximity to station and downtown. There is a traffic light already at the entrance to manage traffic flow and I am sure there are opportunities for the town and land owners to leverage NJ Transit in a beneficial partnership… This is what strategic, sustainable land use planning is supposed to be… the availability of centrally located property like this only comes around once in a generation…


12 thoughts on “Reader says The Ken Smith lot is an ideal location for large parking facility

  1. A small hotel there for visiting executive exploring real estate and business opportunitys… might help.

  2. Build a stable for horse cops. Horse cops are cool.

  3. A parking lot does make sense, but it doesn’t make the developers or the town a lot of money. So they are trying to rezone it for a bunch of overpriced one bedroom apts and an Applebees, to further weigh down our schools and infrastructure. Tuesday nights 3/19/13 Planning Board Meeting is the last public hearing until closed discussions begin in September, and the agenda is solely on the development projects. Come and get informed.

    1. A privately operated parking garage/lot, would make the developers a “boat load” of money and provide an annuity forever.

  4. #3 — thought the projects were put off until September, no?

    Whats the story on the two new board members?

  5. How about a dormitory for the Tiger Team…?

    1. Get a room

    2. I don’t get it??? What does the Tiger Team have to do with this and why do they need a dorm?

      1. #8 god bless you You are killin me :):)!!!!!!

  6. #6 THAT IS TOO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. It does make a lot more sense to use it as parking as it would serve a need and is the perfect location. It would be lucrative but probably not as highly lucrative as they expect the apts, would be. Chestnut Street is also a good location for a parking garage. If enough people show up consistently to voice their opposition to the apartments/condos which require rezoning it might persuade the developers to consider the parking facilities as viable alternatives. I am vehemently opposed to the proposed developments. The only way I would consider some type of development in those locations is if it were to be housing for special needs similar to what Allendale did on Franklin Tpk. and Crescent Ave. as that serves a very real need in our society.

  8. Having lived in Ridgewood all my life and also worked in Greenwich CT I think there is an idea we could take from Greenwich. In Greenwich they have a very nice modern office building right at the train station (just like Ken Smith is). As part of the permit for the office building the ground floor, very large parking are the size of the entire building footprint is all for public parking. The other two levels are for office workers. So the idea would be an office building that includes a large section of parking for shoppers.

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