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Reader says The Ridgewood Projects are an absolutely stupid idea


Reader says The Ridgewood Projects are an absolutely stupid idea

The Ridgewood Projects are an absolutely stupid idea. Its imperative that people voice their displeasure now. If we don’t, we risk the future of our schools, our safe community, the value of our houses and way of life. Get out Tuesday, or don’t complain in the future about class sizes at your school, traffic on the roads or any of the other associated problems.

Moreover, if folks don’t get out Tuesday to show their displeasure, Mayor Tweedledee is going to assume he has the green light to do what ever he likes. I voted for the guy, because I thought he was earnest and well-meaning. Boy, was I stupid. He clearly has pipe dreams that go far beyond helping or even considering what is right for Ridgewood and his neighbors. But his further political career is going to be stymied, even with the money contractors, developers and hospitals may be willing to contribute in the future, if its clear his own people don’t like what he’s doing.

7 thoughts on “Reader says The Ridgewood Projects are an absolutely stupid idea

  1. Nightmarish is the word for the proposed parking garages and apartment buildings–something we would expect our elected officials to be fighting tooth and nail. Only the developers and those to whom they have promised favors would benefit from this.

  2. Parking Garages, Apartment Buildings, Turf Fields, Sports Fees, Rental and Garage Sale permits, $700 Dangerous Dog Liscenses, Obscene Field Lighting, Insane Town Raises…All mean NOTHING comapared to what VALLEY will cause!

    Wake up Ridgewood and believe that Valley will eventually get what they want. This is really what this town doesn’t need and everything else is a minor distraction. The size and scope of this over expansion is the tip of the iceberg. Yes, we will allow them to overbuild. The only question now is to what extent??

    This is not new news.: Valley, will raise your taxes (way more than 2% a year)! Valley, will cause major traffic issues (throughout the town, not just surrounding areas). Valley, will increase such a strain on the existing infrastructure that this affluent town will never recover.

    Some believe this issue is between Valley and the people who live around Valley. If you are one of those then you are part of the problem. I only ask that you educate yourselves and understand the harm for the entire town.

    Valley, can expand and should expand at their Paramus location. They should upgrade their Valley location to single rooms. The amount of rooms they will reduce to should be in line for today now that Pascack Valley has reopened. Please save our town and save Valley from over building. Yes, i said it. Please save Valley from over expanding based on Pascack Valley. Logical Sense has to prevail!

    Times have changed drastically now due to Pascack Valley. I am amazed that Valley continues to ask for more than they ever deserved. Valley, is now saying, we won’t do as much underground because this ground water foundation issue is the problem why we can’t get approval? So we’ll just add another level of above ground parking…problem solved. Can we get our H Zone and Permits now? NO, should still be NO…should always be NO!

    I’m sick and tired, of being sick and tired over Valley! I don’t think someone will save us. WE MUST ALL SAVE US. Please wake up and get the facts. Decades of NO should now not be okay. The H Zone and the existing building limits should apply to all, incuding Valley. These rules and laws we’re put in place to protect all of us. It was sad to hear a sitting planning board member staing that Valley needs to expand. Very sad to hear that the very people voting on this issue don’t really understand the long term issues. Since Valley pays NO TAXES, ask yourself who do you think is going to pay for the additional services? RIDGEWOOD WILL, we have no other option.

    So what should Valley do? Yes, we all want a State-of-The-Art-Hospital; so they renew within their existng Ridgewood walls. Anything that the Ridgewood location can’t fit should be done in Paramus. This should have been started by Valley years ago before Pascack Valley. Valley, you shouldn’t get what you are currently asking for…End of Discussion!

  3. Agree with number 2, but first thing on the planning board agenda is the Projects proposal — as i understand it, Tuesday, March 19th is going to be the last day for comment. Valley is just as bad — but if the projects get through, there is going to be even less reason for Valley to get through.

  4. To #2. Sell your house on Linwood and move to Paramus.

  5. #2 Talk about over the top! Save the drama for your Momma…….

  6. How are the proposed housing projects good for Ridgewood and its current residents? This is the simple question that should be answered and explained before any further consideration is given to these proposals.

  7. How is this :

    Forget the “projects,” put in a parking garage, let Valley do it’s thing within their current walls.

    On the other hand, this is way too logical….

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