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Reader says ,”The town is on a quick decline because of its bad seed of local politicians”

3 amigos in action Ridgewood NJ

“To the anonymous who asks “who would want to move in Ridgewood today” the answer is tons of people from NYC. They are shallow and go by hype. Ask any new family moving into town and they say schools, there you go. They also post in local FB pages and guess what, they ask what’s the best way to get to the city?! Now who moves into a town, buys a house and doesn’t check about their commute beforehand and then start complaining about commute issues from parking to train delays?! They also happen to be liberals/leftists. I bet election over election RW goes blue by at least 10% more.
The town is on a quick decline because of its bad seed of local politicians but most importantly because voter base is totally clueless about what makes a village/town great and better than the place they moved from. “

6 thoughts on “Reader says ,”The town is on a quick decline because of its bad seed of local politicians”

  1. Well after almost 30 years in town and countless hours of debate we have reluctantly decided to give up on RW. We raised our children here, made some good friends, and enjoy many aspects of the area. But the village has just sucked every bit of tolerance from us. Property taxes north of $40,000 that will never go down, parking rates that are just ridiculous, can’t water the lawn, rampant nepotism and weak selfish leaders, an awful expensive commute to NYC, and a $111,000,000 school budget have combined to drive us out. All of this with NJ state seeming to do everything it can to also drive people out.

    Anyone looking for a nice house on the west side let us know. Wish all well

  2. I’ve observed a series of these Ridgewood-trashing posts on this blog. Poorly written, without any details aside from occasional reference to “gargantuan garage” or “getting overwhelmed with affordable housing.”
    I’m the afore-mentioned transplant from NYC, although I consider myself a conservative by today’s standards. What’s your message to me exactly? To vote down village exco? To sell my house and move to greener pastures… in Dallas? What exactly are you offering? Where is the link to community events where the Reader gets off his ass and shares with newcomers how to make Ridgewood great again? Where I come from we take leadership and leave complaining to ex wives. Common, Reader, you could do better than that!

  3. Visiting Charleston sc

    Beautiful place

    No road or bridge tolls

    Low gas prices nice weather

    Ridgewood cant get its act together on spending High taxes Union rules high taxes
    Tone deaf leadership

  4. Nice try bored Poster

    Lets check in with you twenty years from
    Now after they clean you out and Beat you down

  5. @Bored commuter: Dude , nobody is trying to offer you anything. Somebody just wanted to vent his frustrations with life in Ridgewood. Do those complaints resonate with you? Probably not. It is ridiculous to ask people “what do you offer”. As per writing style I agree. Many posts seem to be coming from people without PHD in literature. I feel for you.

  6. Here Fixed that fer ya…
    “The town is on a quick decline because of its bad seed of local politicians transplants from NYC”

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