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Reader says Valley is acting like bullies


will country SWAT and riot police be invited to the March 11th meeting ?

Reader says Valley is acting like bullies

I understand that someone will have to tell her to recuse herself? Please someone stop this possible lawsuit. It is going to cost this town enough trying to fight Valley Again!

The kids have a Bullying Rule in place now, how come there doesn’t seem to be one for Valley? They are acting like bullies. Pushing for over expansion until they get it?

I think their new plans look similar to their old plans. Wait, they went went from four tiers of parking to five…so much better.

Pathetic, unless your bleeding to death (or an Emergency) it may be time to start going to other area hospitals or urgent cares. Valley, has driven many of us to start thinking this way. Shame, it’s just a shame!

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3 thoughts on “Reader says Valley is acting like bullies

  1. Go ahead and leave.

  2. Arbeit macht frei !

  3. Valley is like Michael Myers. You can’t kill it!

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