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Reader says, “we must question everything”

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Yes. In these crazy days we must question everything. Do your own research. Take nothing at face value. What does your gut say?
Questions I have are:

How was this device mailed with 6 Forever stamps?? I can barely mail a card with 2 stamps and receive request from post office for more postage by way of stamp “More Postage Required”
Why are there no postal stamps on said packages?Even if the packages were found in said post office prior to delivery. Why no stamp cancellations from post office in Florida.
More than one person involved? Many others involved? In each state packages were delivered??
Why did the Soros package have no stamp cancellations?
Hand delivered? The guy who supposedly mailed them lives in Florida. (Or maybe others involved)
Why didn’t the Wasserman (return address) package have “Return to Sender” stamped on it.?
Why do all the stickers on the accused guy’s van look so new and perfect?
One summer bakes any stickers I have in my car window. Glue -peeling everywhere. I hear Florida summers can be pretty hot and can melt and discolor stickers.
Food for thought

5 thoughts on “Reader says, “we must question everything”

  1. The guy also has something in common with a certain Massachusetts senator. Just sayin!

  2. Trump derangement syndrome drives (stealth) democrats to send bombs to other democrats. Watching from halfway around the world, Kim Jong Un says, “This guy really is the boss of the U.S.!”

  3. Oh, please.

    I think the FBI changed its mind about hand delivery for any of them.

  4. Its all fakery deception by mass media and crooked criminals in suits law makers/politcians…Masses are so brainwashed or willingly acting ignorant

  5. Talk about ignorant.

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