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Reader says , “What starts as promoting a trend of care and compassion turns into a major problem where it becomes a health crisis”

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file photo from the Ridgewood bus station

“This unfortunate segment of society will always gravitate to the points of least resistance. It’s why we have huge homeless populations in places like LA, San Francisco, NYC, etc. What starts as promoting a trend of care and compassion turns into a major problem where it becomes a health crisis.

Yes, I realize that this is not San Francisco and little Ridgewood will not become overrun with homeless juinkies, but I’m just saying that if you allow your liberal sensibilities to overlook or even coddle these people, it will quickly become a serious issue.”

13 thoughts on “Reader says , “What starts as promoting a trend of care and compassion turns into a major problem where it becomes a health crisis”

  1. It’s a shame they have no place to go. Ridgewood is one of the richest town in Bergen county and we have this. And we have no support for them. Palese we should be embarrassed. Obviously this is becoming a problem. This has been going on for a few years now and no one is doing anything about it ,except pick them up and bring them down to Hackensack. The top officials do not like this .it’s bad press for them. In the past the top officials controlled the Ridgewood news. But they cannot control the blog and it burns there Ass.

  2. I see that Every morning. OK now on.

  3. To: Thank God I’m Retired.
    Please feel free to drive on over there during the night and take these people to your home for food and shelter. Of course you won’t. It’s something “we” should do. For someone who is retired, I find it remarkable you’ve made it so far and haven’t figured out life’s issues. Yes, there will always be people who fall through the cracks and if we lived in a perfect world, where everyone did their best, was honest, and tried their hardest, we probably could solve all these problems. If Ridgewood started a program to help these people, do you have any idea just how many more would flock here knowing that there’s free stuff to be had? Sorry buddy, but life is a little competitive and it’s that way for a good reason. White privilege guilt is already becoming way too much of a thing with Liberals.

  4. Let the village officials bring over supplies. They’re all making 200,000 more. They can afford it I can’t. And anyway it’s the responsibility not mine. They know this is been going on for a while and they do not want to leave the office. So shame on them. Let the town open up a soup kitchen and I will donate there. Emergency services has blankets and pillows and food supplies. So they should be told to bring it over there. Thank you

  5. pick them up and get them out of Ridgewood

  6. We have taken in several of the town’s homeless. The last one was a thief. yes, they definitely need help but it is not always safe to take them into your own home. We have at least one partial shelter for women and children in town and several churches do overnights in the winter. i don’t know what the answer is, but it is not supplying a garage for them to sleep in.

  7. There is a shelter in Hackensack for homeless people. Like they have in NYC.

    The Ridgewood Council can officially open one up here in Ridgewood on our tax dollar. Build one on Chestnut street instead of having the Kensington proposed assisted living facility. Or maybe both on Chestnut Street. The council members can bring up the idea at a council meeting and then run discuss it and so on like they did with cutting away the islands at the train station, developing Schedler and so on.

  8. I’m so proud of Ridgewood, becoming a Sanctuary City.
    Can’t wait for the GINORMOUS GARAGE to be built so we can really open our doors to these fine urban outdoors dwellers.

  9. Next up. Tents in all the Village parks. Ah, the smell of fresh feces in the morning. The breakfast crowd waiting outside the pancake house will love it.

  10. No idea what the solution is but some people study these things and could be consulted. This must not be allowed to continue, period. Surely there are compassionate ways to treat this problem before it gets worse, as it very likely will if the town does not act promptly. Tear the bus shelter down, if necessary.

  11. Maybe the village can hire some of them. We can use the help to do liter

  12. Yeah “Right,” such a genius you are. They can help get back to the gallon. Nobody likes the liter anyway. Why not just have your name as “Family Money” because you certainly aren’t making enough on your own to live here. Trust fund must be nice.

  13. Huh. Oh come on my little flower. Wave the rain bow with me.

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