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Reader says why not a word from Mrs. Hauck or Mr. Pucciarelli to defend their constituents from the Hospital’s lawsuit



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Reader says why not a word from Mrs. Hauck or Mr. Pucciarelli to defend their constituents from the Hospital’s lawsuit

I wonder when the Council members with close ties to Valley are going to have a comment on plans to defend their constituents from the Hospital’s lawsuit against us. Not a word from Mrs. Hauck or Mr. Pucciarelli. Not even the usual “We plan to vigorously defend the Village against this lawsuit” type of rhetoric. Makes me wonder if there is any defense planned at all or if some sort of back room deal is in the works to give Valley what it wants.

This is such a classic conflict of interest and nobody has said a word about it. Even our Chief Civility Officer Mr. Aronsohn has been silent. Hmmm.

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17 thoughts on “Reader says why not a word from Mrs. Hauck or Mr. Pucciarelli to defend their constituents from the Hospital’s lawsuit

  1. Whats the matter with you those three would never and have never done any back room deal. Just ask them.

  2. What difference does it make it is now going to be up to the courts.

  3. You know for TRANSPARENCY #2

  4. “What difference does it make ” Where have I heard that before.

  5. The mayor did not tell them what to say.

  6. Anonymous:

    You know for TRANSPARENCY #2

    Every one knows where these two stand so there is transparency.

  7. This post is ridiculous. The Village attorney speaks for the Village on legal matters. Somebody is just stirring up a storm to see what sticks. The Mayor has voted against Valley’s expansion TWICE, so under what what circumstances would he think to cut a deal with Valley? The DM has recused himself from any discussion over Valley, so he’s not going to comment, and Ms. Hauck is one voice of five, so who cares? I just wish the Council would wake up and repeal Ordinance 3066, and that the Planning Board would reject all currently pending proposals to amend the Master Plan. Then we could FINALLY move on trying to stem the decline of the CBD. It’s a shadow of its former self, with dead spaces at all of the old car dealerships, Town Garage, etc. How about a plan to attract new businesses and development within the existing Master Plan ?

  8. “I love it when a plan comes together” – Hannibal Smith

  9. Well if he knew that the rest of the Planning Board was going to vote no then I would too. The DM has not recused himself on Valley as a Council member only when he was a member of the planning board. I would not be so quick to defend the DM. Hearing speak he is on of the driving forces for the development of the CBD.

  10. A vote on Valley’s expansion never came to the Council, so its a moot point #9. No need to bark at airplanes here. This blog post is just some agenda driven shit storm post hoping something will stick. It’s meaningless.

  11. The don’t come on here protecting your pals on the Council. I hear The Patch is looking for some posters

  12. Sorry ( here)

  13. Let’s all calm down and go to Rev. Al’s cell-free meditation room with bamboo walls

  14. Thats a good one.

  15. It makes no difference what so ever what they think or say….. The matter is now in the hands of a third party whom will judge the expansion on its merits and not the drivel of
    A few nay Sayers. And as such the hospital WILL expand despite the NIMBY’s.

  16. Unfortunately #15, Valley had the chance to have their expansion approved through municipal process and failed. Again. Just because they filed a frivolous lawsuit does not mean that a judge gets to decide. At best, they should be forced to go through the process again with a scaled down project which is what they should have done years ago. Can you say more hearings?

    It’s Valley’s (an your) stubborn “I must defeat the neighbors” attitude that has kept the Hospital from modernizing. Now with this lawsuit, the town is not only deprived of modernized medical facilities but is paying for the privilege through unnecessary legal fees. Thanks to you both.

    Still wondering what the pro-Valley members of the Council think of this lawsuit.

  17. Agreed #16, there’s no way Valley expands at their main campus in Ridgewood. They can renew on their current footprint within the VoR Master Plan, no amendments, or they can leave. Thanks to former mayor and current municipal judge Pfund for his lasting legacy on this with Ordinance 3066 which started the whole problem about applications to amend the Master Plan in the first place. Why don’t you ask him what he thinks of this lawsuit, will he be the judge who hears the Valley lawsuit case ? If so, expect years and years of agony in the courts to come to the same conclusion… no expansion.

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