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>Reader submits questions for the Ridgewood Blog Political Poll

How many politicians from the state of New Jersey will be indicted in the next 90 days?

a) 1
b) 10
c) all of them
d) Its Bush’s fault

How many residents will move out of the state of New Jersey in the next 12 months?

a) 50,000
b) 1,000,000
c) all of them
d) No other state wants them

How long will it take to raise your state taxes after the November election?

a) 1 minute
b) 1 day
c) 30 days
d) Its Bush’s fault

How large will the state budget deficit be this year?

a) 1 billion
b) 3 billion
c) 10 billion
d) What deficit?

How many dead people will vote in the next election in New Jersey?

a) 10,000
b) 15,000
c) all of them
d) Even dead people won’t vote for these idiots

How much money will Jon Corzine pay off to his next Mistress?

a) $500,000
b) $1,000,000
c) $10,000,000
d) He wont he’ll cheat her out of it also

The next governor of New Jersey will be?

a) Hugo Chaves
b) Raul Castro
c) Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
d) A player to be named later

12 thoughts on “>Reader submits questions for the Ridgewood Blog Political Poll

  1. >if you think your going to be better off leaving Ridgewood for the sunny south…your not going to be if you leaving because of everywhere is the same problems, with different people!

  2. >Oh, is that why they call NJ the Louisiana of the North?

  3. >New Jersey and our BOE…perfect together!

  4. >Why do certain people, who write on this blog, always insist that anyone who is critical of our elected officials and they way they mismanage our village, insinuate or suggest that critics move?

    What is wrong with working to change what doesn’t work about where we live?

    Is dissent not to be tolerated or is is that we live in a perfect little village where the women are all pretty, the men all strong and the children all smart?

  5. >The correct answers are:

    1.) d
    2.) d
    3.) d
    4.) c
    5.) d
    6.) a
    7.) a

  6. >do not spend any more money on fake grass.that is number one.then stop any pay hikes in the boe.thats number two. and number we need to put a cap on some of jobs in town like you know who,huh. tax boy.

  7. >you should have asked how many politicians say they are against tax increases yet alwasy vote for them…?

    these guys are clowns happy halloween

  8. >It’s always Halloween in NJ! Our scary tax and spend democratic pols don’t even need to dress up. Oh, anyone seen the new movie about them yet? It’s coming out today or tommorrow and it’s called…drum roll please: American Gangster.

    Did I mention the judges, school administrators and BOE members that also steal from the people?

    Only in New Jersey, folks. Only in NJ.

  9. >don’t forget ex-superintendents who “misappropriate funds” to find a better job.

  10. >Why is there censorship on this blog?

  11. >new jersey needs a pumkin tax on all the pumkin heads

  12. >novemeber a time to raise your taxes…suckers….

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