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Reader suggest an Apology is in order for Forced Resignation Email

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“it’s possible this has nothing at all to do with the “2016 have percolated all the way down the left wing ecosystem”, and the Loscalzo’s are just good old fashion ass-holes, with a little racist thrown in for good measure. It’s possible for good people to do really bad things, thinking that they are doing good, up until the point that an email, such as Rob Loscalzo’s is made public, and then they are exposed bear and have to really re-think what they’re doing, and who they really are with respect to their standing in their own village. Upon reflection, you would hope that Mr. Loscalzo would apologize both publicly and privately for his stance on conspiring to do something immoral, probably illegal, and harmful to two publicly elected Board members who volunteer their time to the Ridgewood Public School System, as well as the community that he supposedly adores so much. These are the actions of a heartless and conniving person. Let’s hope that this is not true, and that Mr. Loscalzo, can see how wrong his conniving proposal to Dr. Fishbein was and he can work towards moving forward, and not further backward. The first step would be to admit he was wrong, and apologize. As far as Dr. Fishbein, his reply to Mr. Localzo’s note was in-fact telling, as stated by another reader, silence is complicity.”

5 thoughts on “Reader suggest an Apology is in order for Forced Resignation Email

  1. No apology necessary. Just move the fuck out of town Rob.

  2. Yes. Just get the fuck out. And to be sure you and your wife feel comfortable In your new home, do check to make certain there are no minorities living in the neighborhood.

  3. Stop with the racist shit. There is no racism here.

  4. YES, there is racism here. Mr. Dani is dark brown and Ms. Kwak has slanted eyes. If you do not think this is part of the animosity directed toward them then you are clinically dead.

  5. I’m a huge movie fan as well. To quote Marlon Brando (Terry) from On the Waterfront ”You don’t understand! I could’ve had class. I could’ve been a contender. I could’ve been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am.”

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