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Reader suggests Dan is taking the fall for the Board

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“Hmm. I wonder. Once the lawsuit became public and social media users started hammering Board members, did they ask Fishbein to take the fall for them, or did Dan the Man actually pull the trigger himself. I wonder. My money is on Dan being told to take a bullet on their behalf.”

8 thoughts on “Reader suggests Dan is taking the fall for the Board

  1. There is just no friggin’ way Dan authorized a LAWSUIT be filed without a majority of the Board authorizing it first. No way in the world.

  2. We need a larger boe too much centralized power

  3. Dan is Brogan’s mouth piece

  4. Residents have vested too much power in this board and so so schools

  5. This is the most bizarre story I have seen. Someone spends several thousand dollars, without prior approval from his manager, to buy a gift for his manager, and the manager doesn’t fire him?

    This must be NJ.

  6. RE: “Reader suggests Dan is taking the fall for the Board”
    Isn’t this the definition of a tool or a useful idiot?
    I’m not suprprised… Fishbein has been a major disappointment..

  7. BOE has managed this school system in to the ground. Unmotivated teachers, malcontents, no interest in fighting for excellence in our schools. Fishbein, Brogan, Loncto, and others have overseen the decline. Our schools just aren’t very good anymore, and we have an entitled staff. Fishbein needs to go! #FireFishbein

  8. Funny how teachers & staff only go to a board meeting when THEIR interests are effected, for example, when THEIR contract expired. How come they don’t appear at other Board Meetings? Funny how RBOE isn’t in the top 10 public school districts according the the State of NJ. Keep paying those high taxes for tenured teachers that can’t get reprimanded or fired. The teachers union sounds more like mafia. How about Ridgewood teachers spend a day in Newark or Jersey City classroom and see what a REAL school day is like.

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