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Readers, Council Meeting Raised More Questions about Meeting between Developers and selected Council members

The Old Ken Smith Property one of the key CBD properties involved in the “Sunshine law” dispute

Readers, Council Meeting Raised More Questions about Meeting between Developers and selected Council members

I just watched the meeting. The public needs to see the emails in question. How many meetings did Albert Pucciarelli and Paul Aronsohn have with terminal construction, what did they promise terminal? Looks bad. Maybe cause for an official investigation.

The behavior of Mayor Paul Aronsohn and Deputy Mayor Albert Pucciarelli is an embarrassment for all the town. They were rude and unprofessional in their discussion with Councilwoman Walsh. I was proud to see that Mrs. Walsh maintained a calm, professional manner. Despite their repeated attacks, she never lost her cool. Thanks Bernie.

Its no secret that Deputy Mayor Albert Pucciarell has had it in for Walsh ever since she did not support him for Planning Board President. His ego could not except that and has said as much. No doubt thats why he ran for council to get even.

Last night was Ms. Walsh’s finest hour. It was Mr. Pucciarelli’s and Mr. Aronsohn’s worst performances ever. They were an embarrassment to all of us. Imagine such unprofessional, name-calling behavior from our elected official. At least Ms. Walsh is a shining example of how to lead. She is a class act.

Paul Aronsohn could not control the meeting because he is probable just involved as BIG AL. He did not have his consultants there to help him. Typical of his style of politics he went on the attack Walsh intimating that she tried to fix a ticket and when she had the answer for that he brought in the old standby Gabbert’s raise. How many time are we going to hear that line? - Lesbian

27 thoughts on “Readers, Council Meeting Raised More Questions about Meeting between Developers and selected Council members

  1. Aronsohn is nothing more than a phony politician and hypocrite.

  2. I didn’t know about the meeting until someone called me and told me to watch it on ustream. My initial reaction is that I need to be more involved. Like it or not they are elected officials but we don’t have to let them run roughshod over the village now that they are in office. And wow, Mrs. Hauck adds nothing to the conversation. She reminded me of the cheerleader who doesn’t want to be friends with the jock.

  3. Was the Terminal Construction project discussed after a closed meeting with all 5 members present? If so why didn’t Mayor Paul Aronsohn put a stop to it after all he is in charge. Ether he is a weak leader or he was involved. Where is The League of woman voters on this? They were so concerned about the Pucciarelli Hauck Graydon meeting.

  4. Gwenn Hauck advocates for peace and love and The Woodstock Nation. As she publicly stated, she is not concerned about the law. She may want to consider stepping down.


  6. Yes, Hauck did saw that. She does not care about the law she just want everybody to get along. Didn’t she also say that the want to help everyone in Ridgewood over “Child baring years” What the hell was that.

  7. Paul Aronsohn so belong to the Nation Woman Hater Club if there is such a club. First Zusy and now Walsh

  8. Day two and nothing on Paul’s Patch. I guess two dogs fighting and smoking in public places is the safe way to go. James doesn’t want to piss off Mayor Paul Aronsohn . Or maybe he doesn’t want testify to what Mr. Pucciarelli said to him about Terminal Construction. I bet you that tape got erased.

  9. I bet you that the replay of this meeting will not appear on Mayor Paul Aronsohn web site. Whitehorse Strategist will be working overtime on this one.

  10. Aronshohn is a snake and now that he has the microphone that will become more and more evident. Someone who really supported him (put together meetings etc…) said to me the other night that he can not believe how bad he is and he regrets helping him. He was opportunistic in aligning himself with Pucciarelli and Houck because he knew that would get him elected. Pucciarelli has an agenda and Houck is a puppet. Aronshohn will twist and turn which ever way the wind is blowing. Have you ever spoken with him? He is not the brightest bulb in the box. The three of them repeated over and over one of the first things they were going to do if elected was to replace Gabbert. I might have missed something this morning but as of last night Gabbert was still in Village Hall. Arohnson is not someone who should be trusted on anything at anytime. He is going to help turn downtown Ridgewood into Hackensack and Valley into Hackensack Medical Center North.

  11. You right “Whitehorse Strategist will be working overtime on this one.” and they are going to be paid most likely by your donations to the “Re elect Arohnson Campaign” Same thing for “Big Al”
    another client of “Whitehorse Strategist”

  12. I fear that the Ridgewood most of us know and love is going to be changed forever to something quite unrecognizable and similar to a mini-Hackensack — OK a little nicer — maybe Montclair — but still not what most of us taxpayers bought into when we moved here. The developers are really shoving all their variances down our throats.

  13. Lets see he e-mails

  14. OPRA Request the emails……and while your at it OPRA whether or not we are paying medical benefits for the Mayor.

  15. The developers are not shoving anything down our throats #13.Pucciarelli and Aronshohn are giving the place away and LA LA Hauck is going along because she wants to be liked

  16. Jersey town politics as usual.

    But do go on with your partisan bickering…it is sure to help.

  17. If there are charege can they be removed from office? Hauck as deputy mayor would be a hoot.

  18. The councilman ( Puccarelli ) offered to show the e-mails to the press. Ok do it whats the big deal?

  19. Does Pooch wear a toupee…?

    What up with that ??

  20. “Offered” to show? Put them on the website for all to see. How do we know that he wasn’t using a private email address for communications?

  21. I thought I saw his toupee spin around a couple of times during the meeting.

  22. just release the emails , no biggie….right?

  23. Over forty e-mail and counting between two council members, attorneys and developers and not all the Council knew about it. They will never release them.

  24. If they resign, who will select the replacements? Get your resumes out. The tiger team should not apply because it will look like it was their plan all along.

    Tiger team is doing good, but they need to focus. They are all over the place.

    And, Oh yeah, release the emails from village and private accounts. Any texts to include?

  25. Mayor Aronshohn’s agenda for higher office and Deputy Mayor Puccarelli ego they will never resign and Gyenn just wants to be friends.

  26. And yet the story is buried by the Patch. Even Paul backers can’t talk their way out of this one. So it’s day 4 , and he’ll probably hit a story on Monday or Tuesday bashing Walsh to deflect any more attention from the fab 3.

  27. Mayor Aronshohn’s is a political survivor he will do something to get him and his buddy off the hot seat. Then and only then with the Patch print the story. By doing this most of the sheep in Rdgewood will forgive his transgression and proclaim him a hero. He’s supporters will proclaim him a hero and all will be forgiven. The only thing that has been accomplished here is that they have learned and will no longer use e-mail or anything else that may be traceable to conduct their agenda.

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