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Readers debate Construction impact on School children


Readers debate Construction impact on School children

Wow… HUNDREDS of trucks all at the same time as drop off and pick up. Hard to imagine it would take HUNDREDS of trucks per day. I hope not. But, what above the expansion at Willard School — that went on while kids were in the building. What about the $40 million expasion (which took 2 years) of the train station. That included heavy sub-ground drilling within 1/2 mile of GW and directly in front of the Senior Housing. What above when West Side Pres was rebuilt dirctly next to GW? I know each of these was smaller, but in every case life went on as usual, and once it was done everyone got to enjoy the finished product.


Schools are not comparable ever: their evolution is directly commensurate with the number of kids in town. Willard did not double in size, and West Side Pres only replaced a building that had been destroyed by fire. Whatever “enjoyment” (I, for one, don’t “enjoy” hospitals) we might get from the “finished product” (more traffic, etc.)—nothing outweighs what we will have to endure during construction, or the de-valuing of our homes, which is permanent…

Please don’t talk about the hospital serving Ridgewood!! Only 5% of Valley patients actually live here. Most Valley employees live elsewhere.

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2 thoughts on “Readers debate Construction impact on School children

  1. Of course the anti-valley kool-aid drinkers ignore all the other construction projects-why? Simple.. they’re a bunch of NIMBYs. Now they want to fan the fires with unrealistic scare tactics. Interestingly they were noticeably absent with the Willard construction , train station construction, west side water tank construction etc/ So when its time for ‘payback’, don’t expect those who got ZERO support from you when things impacted THEIR backyards to line up with you. You should have thought about that when you chose to call others ‘nimbys’. BFD, with the shadow of the new Valley you wont be able to tan in your yard. Go to graydoN!

  2. Any moron can see the detrimental long term negative effects this proposal will have on the entire town. You certainly are not going to be getting what you will be paying for, that’s a no brainier. So how can you compare these projects to Valley ? You can’t…try “apples to apples.”

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