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>Readers debate the context of candidate Jim Morgan ‘s controversial field comment

>Readers debate the context of candidate Jim Morgan ‘s controversial field comment

Jim sorry but it is a matter of public record, as per the minutes of the Village Council meeting on 10/27/10 which are available online (all-caps emphasis added to jog your memory):

“Mr. Morgan stated that if nothing is done by the Village Council, the neighbors WILL be forced to pursue legal action against the Village to recoup monetary damages as a result of the decreased value of their properties. He added that property owners WILL also seek property tax reductions due to the unilateral changes occurring in the use of these fields in over 100 years, which will result in lost revenues for the Village and additional litigation expenses.”

This threat or apparent promise of legal action by you is clear evidence of the conflict of interest you would experience as a BOE member.

The rest of your essay is just snake oil salesmanship.


It is always messy and disingenuous to highlight one line from many paragraphs. I went back to read the minutes and you are correct Mr. Morgan made the threat. After reading the entire statement, the quote in context, makes sense and helps understand the much larger appeal and issue. The minutes are an interesting read which Ridgewood taxpayers should review before heading out and supporting the BOE budget today.

Where is the money coming from and was the process for the lights legal, fair and transparent? For the record I like the lights and the fields but wonder if it was the best approach given the inherent drainage issues.Next time remember citations and add the link.


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