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Readers Lament on Flagging Ridgewood School Rankings


Feigned outrage $110,000,000 budget to not place in the top 20% in the state , Ridgewood property values don’t come from rainbow flags and anti gun proclamations .

What a dramatic decline. Fishbein and Gorman should take responsibility for this. Who holds their feet to the fire? In the meantime parents are oblivious as long as they feel good about “the new leaders (their kids)” being “vocal” about national issues. On the path of self destruction.

Tradition of excellence was abandoned by Ridgewood’s school system years ago. Instead it’s all about the marvelous support staff that other schools are not “lucky?” enough to have. Compare the number of these currently compared to even 10 years ago.

Ugh. Sad day for Ridgewood but don’t tell anyone. We all have homes to sell and we want top dollar!! Brush it under the carpet like everything else

7 thoughts on “Readers Lament on Flagging Ridgewood School Rankings

  1. Ultimately Fishbein and Gorman are responsible. Their hefty salaries are funded by the taxpayers. If the rankings don’t improve in 2-3 years, then these two losers get FIRED. It’s that simple, folks.

  2. 10 years x 110m heres math class folks = over a BILLION DOLLARS a decade OF VOR Taxpapers money. Time to root out waste or bring in a team up to that task.Can not continue.

  3. Brogan has to go to.,. We’re not even ranked in STEM education which means our students aren’t being prepared for the workplace they’ll enter

  4. How much of that billion in the next decade will go to teachers and administrators? Seems like a bunch of greedy union thugs living off the Ridgewood school board’s previous reputation. Oink oink?

  5. If the Council candidates were smart….they would go after this sacred cow.
    Getting the others off their asses to do anything about it is a whole other thing.

  6. It does seem that the more “help” our school administrators hire, the lower Ridgewood’s scores go. The money is being spent on individual people rather than improving the education in our schools. We have all sorts of unnecessary things either being done or on a wish list in the budget to improve the physical image of our schools. New toilets etc. Extra “help” should be in things that help the students, not on people to help the administrators.

  7. 9:41 – what about the business admin and his hefty salary?

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