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>Readers Outraged over BOE attempt to "CRAM THAT SAME BUDGET DOWN OUR THROATS"

>The latest propaganda that our Public Information Officer has delivered from the BOE on the Ridgewood Public Schools site is a message that tells of the “many emails” the Village Council has received “in support of keeping the budget as it stands and that they are looking for guidance from the superintendent in the form of a defense of the restored cut list and the impact that further cuts would have on the district”

Uh-oh, looks like the fox is loose in the hen house again. Is this to be believed? Can our superintendent and BOE possibly top its own astronomical arrogance? Blogs on this site say otherwise. What part of NO don’t they understand? WE MUST NOT LET THEM CRAM THAT SAME BUDGET DOWN OUR THROATS.

Time to rally and stop the lies and waste. We must go beyond the confines of this blog and let the Village Council hear from us. SEND YOUR THOUGHTS TO THE VILLAGE COUNCIL NOW!!

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