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Readers question amount of police resources Valley will need with a much larger campus


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Readers question amount of police resources Valley will need with a much larger campus

How much do they pay on the hospital campus again? ZERO.

A couple of cops in town have started telling stories about how Valley constantly needs police to manage traffic into and out of their campus when huge trucks come to deliver stuff. Think of how much more police manpower they’ll need for their 200 dump trucks a day for 10 years of construction. How much do they pay again on the hospital campus? ZERO.

Please Megan – stop with the lame press efforts to make it appear that Valley is doing anything but skating on a free ride.

18 thoughts on “Readers question amount of police resources Valley will need with a much larger campus

  1. This story is all BS there is rarely any police presence for delivery at valley just like there is no police at the post office when you have tractor trailers blocking the road.

  2. sorry bud but Valley is the largest consumer of police services in the Village , its been widely reported for YEARS both in the Ridgewood News and this blog .

    Valley also logs the most “incidents ” ie theft etc…

  3. o k , then put down what is the amount of times the fire and police go to valley on call’s. what about the call’s that I see that go to the d p w. to sweep, repair the roads, salt & plow, remove snow. pick up brush, leaves and all the little thing’s that go on. i see i’am on vandien. they should be taxed.

  4. jjj again your negitivity towards police just flows rampantly. The police and fire are constantly at valley for everything slight mva’s in the parking lot. to domestic violence that happens in other towns but gets reported by valley, or the person gets treated at valley, or any town amb or cops who bring a drunk to valley and he gets belligerent the cops get called to the ER. The rwd cops get stuck with it On a night shift valley will run 2 unarmed security guards for the whole hospital. the rwd cops also respond for thefts at valley as well as, threats that orignate out of town but the victim works at valley so rwd gets stuck handling it. If the hospital expands so will the need for police manpower. If a shift is running at 4 men and you get a domestic at the hospital or a violent drunk in the er you can tie up 1/2 the squads manpower for 2 to 3 hrs. All because valley is in rwd not some other town.

  5. vally should be taxed on the hospital site itself but due to some legal loophole they’re exempt.

  6. Look it up your self !!!! It’s public record

  7. #4 there is no negativity towards the police just stating a fact, most other calls for police to valley are no different than any other hospital.

  8. I have heard they make as many as 400 emergency calls a year. But, does anyone know where you can get the facts?

  9. Hard to argue with #4 regardless of what the actual numbers are. If the hospital doubles in size (ok, increases by 85%), utilization of police and fire resources increases by that amount. As it stands, their taxes will stay at zero.

    Please don’t buy the “Valley is the biggest taxpayer in town” nonsense. Valley and its supporters continue to try to manipulate public opinion by muddying the waters and hoping nobody will notice.

  10. If valley requires police during construction, those are ‘paid police details’, just like PSEG. The cop gets $85 per hour paid by Valley to sit in the police car talking on the cell phone. I read the rate is going up to $89 per hour.

  11. # 1 There a lot of thefts that are reported by Vally Hospital and patients. When other towns drop of there intoxicated or under the influence people those towns don’t stay there. If a patients act up Valley will not use their security personnel for fear of a law suit. They call the RPD to babysit these people. # ! you are tax payer I would hate for you our your family to need the police only to find out that the nearest police unit is helping back out a tractor trailer for a none paying tax entity.

  12. #10 I already looked into that. The info I got was that valley was going to circumvent the cops by putting xtra personell on the payroll . There is an out fit that specialzes in supplying security guards for just such an occasion, so the cops will be left out. Once the vehicles are onto the property the cops have no say. In the matter.

  13. If you buy the “Valley is one of the biggest taxpayers in Ridgewood” you must also buy “Valley is one of the biggest landlords in Ridgewood” as they only pay taxes on their rental properties, not the hospita.

  14. Will Valley’s construction result in temporary road closures and will traffic be diverted onto side streets?

  15. Ridgewood fire department might as well build a firehouse on Valley property as they spend more time there than anywhere else in the village.

    The police department needs to put at least one officer there almost every night.

    When they build the north building the crane will be positioned in the middle of N. Van Dien. And they pay NO Taxes on this property

  16. Wii the fire dept have to purchase a new ladder truck to contend with the taller building?

  17. The cops definetly do not earn thier pay for the side jobs. They don’t watch traffic. they are in the cars, they are on their phones.It’s a scam. My 3 year old grandson could sit in the car like the cops do and get the same pay.How do I sign them up?????

  18. it is a real dam scam. over paid . and what makes me cry is they can’t even check the oil in the cars they drive. other towns do. they say they may get a spot of dirt on a shirt, o my god. can you say panz’y.

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