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Readers say Deputy Mayor Albert Pucciarelli needs to apologize and resign


Readers say Deputy Mayor Albert Pucciarelli needs to apologize and resign

Let’s see, Councilwomen Walsh complained that she improperly received a ticket in light of the fact that she had a valid permit. She paid the ticket anyway, but HOW DARE SHE BRING THIS TO THE ATTENTION OF THE POLICE AND OTHERS. WHAT AN OUTRAGE!

Are these people serious? She did not ask for a favor or a quid pro quo. She did not threaten the police or try to use her position to get out of paying a valid ticket.

This is a pure attempt by Mayor Arrogant and his “partner in crime” Puke to distract us from what they did.

““You are the one who sent us down this dark road,” Pucciarelli said. Is this like Hamas saying that Israel has “opened the gates of hell”. How exactly does he plan to retaliate? Maybe he will just talk over her at every council meetying just to drive her crazy.

He needs to apologize or resign. I prefer that he resign.

Walsh, misleading? No thank god, this town has her as our watchdog, She’s doing the checks and balances for the others dirty politics! Thank You, Bernie! Going around the full council system with meetings with the developers, two by two, to make it just legal? Dirty, Dirty, Dirty. BTW: We are paying the town lawyer many dollars for these meetings

Someone explain why Riche and Walsh are being shunned from these developers meetings? We all thought this town council was divided 3-2 ! Now it’s been proven, in a very public manner. Horrific, pathetic actions against Walsh about a parking ticket and permits. She’s pointing out a problem that’s not just hers and due to her council position they claim she went about it in the wrong way? Paul you would have done the same-hypocrite. Pretty lame and I worry for this town. Can you smell Valley lurking again here or did Pascack Valley make them truly go away?

13 thoughts on “Readers say Deputy Mayor Albert Pucciarelli needs to apologize and resign

  1. The parking ticket accusation as a defense of Aronsohn and his running mates’ violation of the Sunshine law is pretty pathetic. As citizens we should be asking ourselves why our mayor and his campaign team are so bent on getting all of these developments through with little or no cost benefit analysis being done. The whole thing reminds me of how Valley got the Master Plan amended – through back room deals and closed door meetings. Does anyone remember when half the people wanting to attend the Planning Board vote at GW were shut out?

    The Village is in a very scary place right now. The ticket of Aronson, Pucciarelli and Hauck are clearly operating and voting as one. With this majority, they appear to be meeting privately to determine what they think is right for the rest of us. They are subverting the public’s right to be a part of the process and trying to cram their own ideas down our throats.

    And then when someone has the audacity to question the Mayor or his team we get this type of political vindictiveness. Parking tickets? Really?

  2. Look into relationships with the developers’ attorneys — some things smell pretty ripe!

  3. Other than resign is there some other way to get this asshole out of office.

  4. Whats the next thing Valley Hospital?

  5. Yes …there is a way to get rid of him….it happens in America periodically.
    It’s called an ELECTION.
    Until then……you get the representation you voted for.
    Maybe next time the voters will put more time into researching the candidates than they put into discussing who will win Dancing with the Stars.

  6. RECALL ELECTION. Check with the Village Clerk on how many signatures you need

  7. we need the ratables. quit whining

  8. That was done recently by another municiality they got enuff signatures but the election failed can’t remember the name.

  9. For goodness sake give Councilman Pucciarelli a break. He briefly lost his temper and said some things I am sure he regrets. Who among us has not done the same thing at some point in our lives. Moreover Councilwoman Walsh used poor judgement on the parking ticket issue. Mistakes were made all around. I think the takeway here is for everyone to move on and for the council members to re-double their efforts to patch things up and work together for the benefit of Ridgewood. Both sides have been far too galvanized. Bernie and Tom need to get over the fact that they were aligned with the losing team. Paul, Al and Gwenn need to make an extra effort to demonstrate to their colleagues that they respect their opinions and want to work with them. Ridgewood is not Washington. We can come together…..and we MUST.

  10. Why is it always 2 vs 3? Doesn’t any one of them have an independent brain?

  11. They are all very smart people and have independent brains but as recently demonstrated they are not using them……at least not productively for the benefit of Ridgewood.

  12. If Pucciarelli said something he regrets, why has he not apologized for it?

  13. To pompous.

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