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Readers say Hauck must recuse


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Readers say Hauck must recuse

Can you believe this? She was VP of a Valley volunteer organization, her picture has been in numerous papers at Valley events, she spoke adamantly for Renewal at the village council meetings and we are to believe that she won’t give Valley whatever they want? I have a bridge for you if you believe that!

If she votes it will just invite a lawsuit.Do the right thing – for all involved. Save the time and expense of a lawsuit. The village cannot afford prolonged litigation. Do not vote on the valley expansion.

The council is responsible for her conflict of interest. It is shocking that she does not understand what a conflict is. He dad took out full page ads for her election, maybe she owes him a “yes” vote.

11 thoughts on “Readers say Hauck must recuse

  1. I understand that someone will have to tell her to recuse herself? Please someone stop this possible lawsuit. It is going to cost this town enough trying to fight Valley Again!

    The kids have a Bullying Rule in place now, how come there doesn’t seem to be one for Valley? They are acting like bullies. Pushing for over expansion until they get it?

    I think their new plans look similar to their old plans. Wait, they went went from four tiers of parking to five…so much better.

    Pathetic, unless your bleeding to death (or an Emergency) it may be time to start going to other area hospitals or urgent cares. Valley, has driven many of us to start thinking this way. Shame, it’s just a shame!

  2. Would you please fix the headline. It should read ‘linwood ave residents’ say…not ‘readers’. thank you

  3. Let her vote, the lawsuit will likely push Valley back another year or so…

  4. I’m not a Linwood ave resident I live on the west side I still say she must recuse.

  5. I would be embarrassed if I were her and did not recuse myself,and I don’t live on Linwood either…It’s nothing more than common sense. (Although,regarding this entire matter, lets face it,ANY leaning towards common sense may be completely out the window !)

  6. What a corrupt town Ridgewood has become.

    Well I guess that’s what you get when self-serving career politicians get into office.

  7. #2. You need to come to grips with the fact that Valley is a town wide issue. The notion that Valley’s opposition is just a handful of neighbors went out the window with Russ Forenza’s campaign for Council.

  8. Hauck hides the Habernickel name. Didn’t they build a wing at the hospital? And there is no conflict?

  9. The hospital wing will be delivered soon.

  10. It will be very upsetting to another valley “family” if they don’t get their named wing.

  11. Lets see if Gynne is at the Planning Board meeting tonight.

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