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Readers say pay is commensurate with the skill-level involved


Readers say pay is commensurate with the skill-level involved

I know its cold and heartless, but if you want to make more money, its up to you to aim a bit higher than a minimum wage job. And if you continue to earn minimum after experience on the job, consider yourself at the pinnacle of your potential.

There is nothing wrong with that, and certainly pride in a hard day’s work – but you shouldn’t expect things handed to you that aren’t earned. The consumer will be the one who pays – taken to an extreme, just look at the it cost to take the family to a sporting event to help pay the salary of someone who is fortunate enough to have the talent to simply hit or throw a ball.

The pay is commensurate with the skill-level involved. It’s work that is at the lowest level of human performance, and as such, it is intended for teenagers and those that are looking to get their start on the working ladder of life, coming from the lowest levels of acedemia. How on earth this job got to be mainstream, where parents now see it as some kind of way to support their families, and then complain that it isn’t enough, is beyond me.

 If you are truly at that stage in your life when you have taken on the responsibilities of having your own family, then for goodnesss sake, take some steps to make the appropriate changes in your working skills. Don’t load up on these family responsibilities and then expect your employer to somehow pay you more just because you increased your own responsibilities. The market should always be the determining factor in how much people are paid. If you don’t like it, then step aside. There are literally millions who are only too eager to take your job.TaylorMade R1 Driversshow?id=mjvuF8ceKoQ&bids=205477

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