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Readers says Business will pay for Obamacare ,by raising prices, cutting employee hours or reducing staff

Readers says Business will pay for Obamacare ,by raising prices, cutting employee hours or reducing staff

Well I’m sure your clients will be happy to know that you will readily jack up your prices and pass on all of your additional Obamacare overhead costs to them, rather than looking for ways to offset these burdensome regulatory costs by reducing some of your other costs – including reducing staff if that is what it takes to keep your unit prices level.

No one wants to reduce staff, but when faced with the choice of keeping your clients (by keeping the costs of your goods or services at a reasonable level even if it means reducing staff) OR raising your prices by passing on 100% of your Obamacare costs to them and subsequently losing at least some clients which ironically would force you to reduce staff anyway in the long run, the smart businessman will offset the regulatory costs in any way possible.

Besides, when raising prices to your clients don’t you want to keep the increase as profit, rather than raising prices just to pay another government fee?

Not knowing exactly what your “ten million dollar” figure represents – net or gross, sales, income, revenue, etc… and not knowing what market segment you are in, I will go out on a limb and assume that you are talking about some gross revenue number and realizing that 10M in revenue is not particularly large in most markets, I still do not know why you would want to raise your prices – with all of the negative connotations associated with a price hike (especially during an economic downturn) and get none of the benefits (profits)?

Not good business.
No one likes to fire anyone, but sometimes you are forced into this situation and it needs to be done to save the entire business. It is even more disturbing if you are forced into this situation by an onerous government regulation.

You need to decide if you are running a business (no matter how small it is) or if you are running a charity

10 thoughts on “Readers says Business will pay for Obamacare ,by raising prices, cutting employee hours or reducing staff

  1. They are not going to fire anyone… those employees keep them in business to further their corporate profits.

  2. PS:… the election is over and those threatening tactics won’t work anymore.

  3. Thanks James, for posting.. Dom.

  4. Dom the lay off have already started , Obamacare is not FREE it has to be payed for , this is what you voted for whats the problem ???

  5. PS: That opinion link works..

    The election is over…. You can make comments there too.
    Stay well… old man…..
    Opinion: America is behind you, Mr. President

  6. Dom is the poster child for the delusional voter who prefers fantasy and desire over facts and voted Obama into office even after all of the damage he has already caused.

    Know it…
    People will be fired.
    Prices will rise
    And some companies will go out of business.

    Oh and for the record… employees don’t keep “them” in business… consumers and clients keep them in business.

  7. Companies can deduct cost as a part of doing business so i do not believe anyone will loose there job any time soon. PS i also own a small business.

    1. well… I’m glad that you “think” there will be no job losses.

      I’m here to tell you – there WILL be job losses and job restructuring and jobs going overseas.

      Thanks to Obamacare.

  8. Sorry to burst your bubble but the FLATOTEL 135 WEST 52ND STREET, NEW YORK, NY announced on Wednesday morning after the election it was closing in February . You might know the hotel for TV shows Dr Oz, the Apprentice and Master Chef just one more causality

  9. It’s lose, not loose.

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