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Readers Support Councilwoman Walsh’s right to raise an issue over perceived secret meetings held with developers


Councilwoman Walsh

Readers Support Councilwoman Walsh’s right to raise an issue over perceived secret meetings held with developers

It’s Councilwoman Walsh’s right to raise a stink, both as a Ridgewood resident and as a fellow member of the Council, if her colleagues engaged in a series of off-the-record meetings and related communications with interested third parties on a matter of public interest, only to do a data dump at the end of a closed session, once the public has gone home!

Her suggested remedy of repeating the meeting is appropriate and I’m glad the council agreed. Yes, this will slow things down, but sometimes this is needed in order to get things right.

The possibility that her colleagues will learn a few things about both the letter and the spirit of open meetings laws also makes it worthwhile. And as we “go forward”, I would hope that Ms. Walsh stands ready with additional monkey wrenches to throw should the need arise!



16 thoughts on “Readers Support Councilwoman Walsh’s right to raise an issue over perceived secret meetings held with developers

  1. Good for Ms. Walsh.

  2. It took a lot of courage for her to bring up this issue knowing she’d be attacked. Keep up the good work Bernie…

  3. They should release any and all communications between the mayor deputy mayor and developers. If there is no wrong doing then what is there to hide. Ms. courageous the other night. The two men tried to intimidate her but she held her ground in the public’s interest. Again, what are they hiding?

  4. I watched the video of the meeting. Ahronon and Pucc should be ashamed of themselves for their rude and defensive rants. They sounded like children thinking that if they kept talking it would make them right. Apologize to Walsh and the residents who were insulted by their behavior.

    Notice thay the guys did not include Hauck in their communications with the developer. She may as well have stayed home that night, no one would have missed her.

    Walsh needs to press on. She was right and she was civil in her questioning.

  5. Aronsohn and Pucciarelli give new meaning to the term “Bully Pulpit”.

    They tried to “Bully” Walsh, which was disgraceful to watch. And all they had to say was “Bully” s–t.

  6. Is there some way to remove these two assholes?

  7. By meeting rules ( roberts rules of order ) The mayor is the meeting moderator and puccerelli was grossly out of order every time he interrupted walsh, first time he should have been reprimanded by arohnson, 2nd time he should’ve been cut off mid sentence, and the third time ejected from the meeting. That said, if puccarelli releases the e-mails showing walsh was copied she has no case, if she wasn’t copied file a complaint in the proper venue and game on, if not then shut up.

  8. Can we get a “Release The Emails” chant going?

  9. Ms Walsh did ask for the rules of order. Ahronson ignored her every time. It did not serve his needs. He is a selfish buffoon.

  10. WOW, I just watched the video. Puc. is really out of line “Stop your whining”, “You must have too much time on your hands”., etc. Clearly, he was backed into a corner and had no way out but to insult Mrs. Walsh. Extremely poor behavior on the part of Arohnson, Puc and Hauck. Mrs. Walsh was asking reasonable questions and got bashed for no good reason. She’s concerned and wants to discuss it. Isn’t that what the Council should do?

  11. #7 I think I know who you are ! what can anyone do to complain about roberts rules? it’s not a crime and not a sunshine violation so what we do?

  12. Funny how the Patch posts pictures of Pucc, Hauck and Aronsohn from their council photos but puts some crazy picture of Walsh as hers. Classic Aronsohn ploy to make her “look” bad. Boycott Patch!!!!

  13. I saw that too #12, he changed the photo. This is really getting funny. I”m with ya boo hiss Patch.

  14. Judge a person by her enemies.
    If that’s true then Ms Walsh has to be admired !

  15. Pucc should apologize to Walsh in his resignation letter.

  16. Pucciarelli recuse himself tonight from Planning Board application for the Dayton. Meeting still in progress. Now we all have to say, WTF!

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