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Readers view Valley “Experts” as a joke

Readers view Valley “Experts” as a joke

These experts from Valley are a joke. I hope the Planning board gets some impartial experts of their own.

Yet another “expert” on the Valley payroll spewing testimony that one would have to be an idiot to believe. I sincerely hope but kind of doubt that Ms. Price and our Planning Board will see through it all.

The fact that this process is still going on is a joke. It just looks like Valley has bought off everyone in their way – the “experts” that testify, the Planning Board that allows such tripe to be allowed on the record, and, when it gets to Council, a councilwoman who doubles as a fundraiser and lobbyist for Valley. Where is the media? This story has legs.


7 thoughts on “Readers view Valley “Experts” as a joke

  1. You Just have to hope the PB are looking out for what is best for the citizens of Ridgewood. If they do that, which is why they are there to begin with, stopping this before it goes any further is a no-brainier. You have to remember that only a very few benefit from this expansion, the majority of this town does not.Even the supporters know that.

  2. It is pure negligence to rely on the opinion of a so-called “expert” who is paid by the party seeking to have its plan approved. The town should insist on an expert opinion that does not allow for even the appearance of bias toward either side of this issue.

  3. Agree completely. I believe that is what happened in Hawthorne and look where they are. People in relatively small towns are tired of getting screwed.

  4. Do we have faith in the Planning Board? I wish I did. I would like to.

    The first question from the public at the first “new” Planning Board hearings was something like this: “Planning Board, you have already approved a slightly larger proposal by Valley. Is there any point to these new meetings? Isn’t your approval of this slightly less invasive plan a slam dunk?” They seemed not to like this and gave the predictable response.

  5. Ridgewood blog—-Please change the heading that mentions a Mr. Haas. It shouldn’t be there and I would like it to be removed

  6. I believe that Stephen Borg, President of North Jersey Media Group (The Record) isor was a member of Audrey Meyer’s President’s Council at Valley.

  7. Isn’t there always two sides to every argument. We only hear one side at every planning board meeting.

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